Lightmon is the ULTRA MEGA DNA Digimon DNAdigivolved from Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Sakuyamon, and Goldramon. It fought the ULTRA MEGA DNA Digimon Arkadiagrimmon DNAdigivolved from Grimmon and Arkadimon. Arkadiagrimmon tried to distroy the Human and Digital world but was deleted by Lightmon's UFN(Ultament Fusion Nova)attack. Lightmon's power is beyond infinte and can destroy any enemy it faces.

Ultament Starburst Two giant stars are fired from the palms of Lightmon to distroy enemys.

Sunrain Starblitz Lightmon unleashes a fatal unblockable combos like kicks, punches, etc.

Holystar Distroyer Many stars target enemys then explode with tremmendus deady force.

Heavens Invgeration Heals all HP, MP, and statise problems.

UFN(Ultament Fusion Nova) Fire Seraphimon's Seven Hevens attack, Ophanimon's Sephirot Crystal attack, Sakuyamon's Spirit Strike attack, Goldramon's Summon attack followed by a deadly supernova. NOTE: This is a Fan Digimon, the Ultra Mega level is not real, neither is ArkadiaGrimmon or this digimon.

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