LightningEvomon is the evil Digivolution of Fan:Lightningmon.Only "bad" Lightningmon can digivolve to this form.This special kind of Dinosaur Digimon is a really powerful and aggressive fighter,only caring about itself and not about others,but normally it doesn't kill its enemies.Normally,that's said:There is one Digimon LightningEvomon hates like nothing else in the Digiworld:Fan:HolyLightmon,the second Digivolution of Lightningmon..Long time ago,they have fought against each other on a ship in open sea:HolyLightmon has won this fight and was very angry about the fact LightningEvomon has attacked it without any reason.So HolyLightmon packed its enemy with its sharp teeth and threw LightningEvomon's fat body away in the ocean.Later it was found out LightningEvomon only wants to test his might,but that couldn't change something any more:LightningEvomon's character has turned evil,and it has got an evil character still today - LightningEvomon is the main enemy of an Fan:Fish-Digimon-Nation.



Dinosaur Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:Lightningmon

Digivolves to:Fan:ShadowStormmon (Fusion:Fan:LightningEvomon+ Fan:HolyLightmon), Fan:HeavenStormmon (Fusion:Fan:HolyLightmon+Fan:LightningEvomon)

Created by:Seraphimon222


Body Slam:Direct attack with the whole body.

Tail Knock-Out:Powerful attack with its tail.

Electric Call:LightningEvomon screams loud and summons a wave of electric energy.

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