Lightningmon's name is derived from its ears which look like little lightnings.This Digimon on the Champion Level has got a little weight so it is said it can fly as fast as a lightning strikes a tree,but that's only a rumor.Most Lightningmon are really friendly Digimon,but some ones can be more neutral or maybe evil,if they got beaten or hurt otherwise. The character of Lightningmon decides,in which form it will digivolve later:Friendly ones will digivolve to Fan:HolyLightmon,evil ones to Fan:LightningEvomon.

Neutral Lightningmon can't digivolve.


Dinosaur/Bird Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:Lightmon

Digivolves to:Fan:HolyLightmon,Fan:LightningEvomon

Created by:Seraphimon222


Electric Tail:Lightningmon hurts its enemy with its tail which is full of of electric energy.

White Eyes Of The Truth:White laser shot out off Lightningmon's four white eyes.

Hurry Attack:Fast attack as fast as a lightning.

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