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Appears in:Fan:The Lost Chronicles

Lilithmon is the mastermind behind all of the events that transpire throughout the first of the Lost Chronicles: Lilithmon's Epic. Or, is she...?


Lilithmon seems to be a rather vain Digimon. Despite this, she is shown to have the utmost loyalty towards her friends and allies.


Some 200 years prior to the story, Lilithmon encountered a dying Belphemon and transfused part of his soul within a piece of her torn shirt sleeve. Afterwards, Seraphimon found her and, after a brief conversation, Lilithmon killed herself by shoving her Nazar Nail into her belly.

200 years later, in the Dark Area, DeathPhantomon used his Spirit Influx attack to free Lilithmon from the Dark Area, where she encountered a mysterious priest.

Attacks and Abilities

Lilithmon is shown to have the knowledge of crafting Horcruxes, small items that house a portion of a soul of any living being.


Seraphimon: Back when she used to be an Ophanimon, Lilithmon seemed to have a close friendship with Seraphimon; upon becoming Lilithmon, their friendship all but ended.


“I will not let you have the satisfaction of killing me.”

“Such a shame…isn’t it? I’m much too…beautiful…to die…”


Oliver's Fall (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) [1]

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