Level Adult (Champion)
Type Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms DemiDevimon
Plotmon (Salamon)
Beelzebumon (Beelzemon) Death Data + Lillithmon (Laylamon) Death Data
Next forms LadyDevimon
Lilithmon (Laylamon) through Warp Evolution
Beel Starrmon through Warp Evolution
Partners Crimson Blaze Army

It was both the terrible hand of fate and his true understanding of friendship that led to the noble sacrifice of Beelzebumon that defeated the villainous Lilithmon during the Xros Wars. However from that sacrifice, a new Digimon was born from the death data of both; Lilitumon, the spell-thief Digimon.

Being born from the Death Data two very different Digimon makes Lilitumon an enigma, ever trapped in a inner battle of humility and narcissism; although she is vain and enjoys indulging herself in whatever new and random pleasure she finds interesting, she will protect the weak and helpless. Her trustworthiness is also known to change at the drop of a hat, making her very difficult to travel with.

It can be argued that her bipolar nature is due to the fact that she was born from the data of fallen digimon, and some argue she should never have existed. Others say her existence is a testament to the concept freewill, and her evolved form, should she ever evolve, will directly reflect the path she chooses to walk.

She takes great pride in her dual pistols, the Black Roses.


  • Spell Shoot: Fires a barrage of pink magical bullets from her dual pistols that penetrates most armor.
  • Spell Shoot V: Fires magical bullets that explode, leaving a cloud of corrosive green gas.
  • Spell Shoot D: Fires charged heavy rounds that the Black Rose that stun foes. An Ode to Beelzebumon's "Death-the-Cannon."
  • Princess Blaze: Lilitumon unleashes a blaze of Black and Pink Flames that consume everything. The technique is powerful to defeat most Perfect Level Digimon but leaves her exhausted and helpless.