Lillomon is a Digimon devivered by the misspelled word "Little". He is the twin brother of Terriermon and Lopmon. Unlike Terriermon being a Vaccine, and Lopmon being a Data, Lillomon is a Virus. He has a connection with Keramon of the data accorbing in the internet. He also has the ablity to transform into any Digimon to fool foes, but mostly he changes into Gargomon and Turuiemon because he doesn't know what he will Digivolve into.

  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers
  • Digivolves from: Fan:Azumon
  • Digivolves to: Fan:Arrowmon
  • Attacks: * Transformation Trick * Blue Fire * Triple Tornado (with Terriermon and Lopmon)

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