Level Ultimate
Type Mutant
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire

Limbomon is a Mutant Digimon whose name and design come from the popular Limbo party game. Known as a party animal, Limbomon is a welcome guest at any party in the Digital World. In fact, many parties are hosted by Limbomon.


Limbomon has a vaguely humanoid form that is fully colored with diagonal red, yellow, and white stripes. Its head is the shape of a top hat, with its face on the front. It has a wide grin on its face almost always, and its eyes are black. It has two human-length arms and legs, the hands and feet formed to look like gloves and boots with white cuffs/trim and blue gems in them. The top of its head has a third arm coming out of it, which always carries an extendable limbo bar which is can use as a cane or weapon.

Digimon Frontier Fanfiction

Limbomon appears in a Digimon Frontier fanfiction as the host of a major Digimon Beach Bash. The Frontier gang stumbles upon this party while following a rogue Gizamon, and Limbomon, always happy to see new potential partygoers, eagerly invites them to join the bash. The gang agrees and joins the party, but the bash is soon attacked. Limbomon aids the Warriors in their battle, and after it is over, he agrees to keep his friends safe. Limbomon restarts the party, not losing his spirit, after the Warriors leave.


  • Limbo Magic: Performs the Limbo Dance with his bar, enabling him to use a special magic attack.
  • Limbo Whacker: Bashes the opponent with his limbo bar.