Title Chapter Number Description
Auramon, Rise 01 Due to the high technological development, computers have spawned Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. They emerge onto Earth to explore the world of humans. Five kids work at Nirvana, a 5-Star restaurant, known for its bizarre yet delicious food. Amaranthimon draws them together to protect the world from evil, corrupt Digimon.
Traitors 02 Natsu has mastered the Hybrid Evolution (or at least the basics), and so have the others during his disappearance. Now they are attacked by a powerful opponent, one of the Guardians, who is aiming to destroy all the other Guardians.
The Dying Solmon 03 Mei comes across a couple of Solmon and discovers that the Solmon population is dying, and the numbers have dropped into double digits worldwide. She vows to help them, but the other members of the team are suspicious of the Solmon.
Siegmon the Conquerer 04 The Guardians split up when a wicked Digimon named Siegmon spreads lies about them to each other, planning to weaken them. Shiro is the only one who can help, but his Hybrid Evolution is still corrupt and evil.
Undying Loyalty 05 When the team sees that a dog Digimon, who calls himself Inumon, is waiting at the train station for his partner to come back. They try to tell that his partner is dead (as Inumon had been waiting for over a century), but Inumon refuses to believe them and stays put.
Revenge 06 The team is attacked once again by Basilimon, but he has his underlings weaken the before hand. They are weakened to the point that they can't even perform their basic Hybrid Evolutions. Then a mysterious new Digimon comes in and assists them. He leaves, however, when Chakramon exclaims that the Digimon is a Hybrid.

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