Title Chapter Number Description
Lambda 01 Dawn and Dusk hunt down an Apemon. It seems like a simple job, but they soon discover that Apemon can already become an Ultimate Digimon.
Lumine Ferrum 02 With Hiro now in their team and Lunamon a DigiEgg, Team 3H must investigate the source of an illegal software. It turns out that the one holding the software is ChaosGallantmon, and he manipulates Apemon into becoming evil again.
Hallow's Mission 03 While looking for Hallow's lost Muchomon, Dusk meets a strange girl named Lucibella. She takes him to the Digital World, where they find Hiro. Apemon again goes evil, and Dusk's DigiEgg hatches to fight Apemon off.
Spirit Xros 04 Team 3H learns about a new type of Digivolution, Spirit Xros, while on a mission to find Hiro a new partner.
GrimGreymon 05 When Hiro is the last one to perform Spirit Xros, Lucibella finds Team 3H and challenges them with two of her own Digimon, Grimmon and Greymon. They are shocked when they learn she can Spirit Xros as well.
Help Wanted 06 Lucibella scours the city of Roku to find someone to help her defeat Team 3H. She meets a boy named Xavier, but he demands a fight before he agrees to it.
King of Kings 07 Team 3H goes to the Digital World to stop a tyrant Digimon who claims to be the "King of Kings." It just becomes worse when Xavier takes a visit to the Digital World as well.

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