Main Chracters

  • Takumo Hashina(桥名 独云 Hashina Takumo): The leader of the group.Being the oldest at age 11 in 5th grade makes Takumo feel that he's in charge of mostly everything.Just like all of the other leaders in 01-04,he wears goggles & is always over-confident.Takumo & Haily have been neighbors since kindergarten,& he really expects her to at least show some feelings for him.Just like Takato & Yolei,Takumo lives in a house right above the shop where his parents work.His Digimon partner is Bearmon(M).
  • Karen Hanichi(叶二千 丽 Hanichi Karen): A shy & optimistic girl.Karen is the 4th grader among everyone.She used to be shy & all alone until she met the Haily & DGDs.Karen is an excellent ballerina & has been taking lessons for 5 whole years.In addition to that,she's always optimistic,no matter what the situation is.Karen has a big family,which makes things hard for her to controll.Similar to Sora,Karen cares a lot about everyone's safety.Her Digimon partner is Labramon(F).
  • Kaihaku "Chris" Tenkaru(天猎 灰 Tenkaru Kaihaku): A smart & intelligent 5th grade boy.Chris is always there for everyone when they need help.He's very different from the other DGDs because he always sticks to the topic & doesn't mess around,like how Takumo does.Even though Chris prefers not to get into other people's business,he totally disagrees about Takumo's behavior toward Haily.Just like Takuya,Chris has a younger brother that's a pain in a neck.His Digimon partner is Otamamon.
  • Kukaze "Kyle" Tsurugi(剑 九风 Tsurugi Kukaze): A great companion to all the Digi-destineds.Kyle's also 11 & in the 5th grade,just like Takumo,Chris,& Haily.He doesn't really know that Haily has a crush on him,but Kyle still enjoys her company.However,Kyle doesn't enjoy Takumo's company,because he's always bothering him & Haily.Kyle's younger brother makes things easier for him to handle,& that makes Takumo jealous that Kyle's always calm & relaxed.Kyle's Sunmon(M) later digivolves to Coronamon(M).
  • Hakuai "Haily" Heitanirie(平江 仁 Heitanirie Hakuai): Karen(& the DGDs)best friend.Haily's parents are well-known scientists,& she inherited their love of science,except Haily likes astronomy,not botany or patholog.Due to her early friendship w/ Kyle,she has a crush on him,but nobody notices it because she doesn't blush in font of him.Haily has 2 sisters,& they inherited their parents' love of science,too(zoology & astrology).Her Moonmon(F) later digivolves to Lunamon(F).
  • Hitotsu "H.T." Konomida(味田 么 Konomida Hitotsu): He shows up later in the series.H.T.'s the youngest among everyone,being at age 9 & 3rd grade.He dreads of the terrible things he'd done when the 3 Demon Lords invaded Earth.That makes H.T. feel left out of the DGDs,& since he's an only child,that makes him feel even more lonely.Karen helped straighten things out for him so that he won't regret about his acts every time it comes out.His Digimon partner is Gazimon(M).

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