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The following is a list of characters appearing in The Lost Chronicles. Be warned, as this page may end up being very long


Main Article: Lachesis



Saias is a Knight Commander in the Valencian Military, and is one step away from achieving his dream; becoming the Grand Master of the Valencian Knights. He is aided by his good friend, Lector.

Saias is 6'03" tall, he weighs 176 pounds, and his theme is Pokemon Conquest Main Theme [1]


Lector is a Knight Sergeant in the Valencian Military, and is Saias's subordinate. He is rather paranoid in a comical way, seeming to think that people around him can read his mind.

Lector is 6'02" tall, he weighs 189 pounds, and his theme is Blast From the East [2]


A depressedly, nearly suicidal man, Ienzo apparently used to work for the Valencian Knights as a scientist. He was forced to preform unspeakable acts of cruelty, which he did without a second thought. Upon realizing his mistake, Ienzo took his research notes with him and fled into Lotisea Province.

While for the most part, he is depressed, his face will immediately brighten in the presence of a beautiful woman, whom he will immediately flirt with, albeit unsuccessfully.

Ienzo is 5'10" tall, he weighs 158 pounds, and his theme is La Cloche [3]

Other Characters


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Main Article: Fan:Flamedramon (Lost Chronicles)


A young woman with seductability on par with Luna, Abigail was first encountered by Thomas in their hometown of Cyclamen.

Abigail is 30 years old, she weighs 132 pounds, and here theme is Who's There? [4]


Once upon a time, Adrian was a member of Lachesis, where he was good friends with Garret. One night, he was dragged away by Valencian Knights, and taken to an undisclosed location.

Adrian is 29 years old, weighs 186 pounds, and his theme is Binding Vow [5]

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