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01 "Digimon Tamers Fight Again!"
"Dejimon Teimāzu Again! (Digimon Tamers Again!)"
Takato is playing the Digital Card Game with Kazu, his card scanner turns into his Gold Digivice, Henry shows up, with his Digivice looking exactly the same as Takato's except Emerald instead of Gold. Rika then turns up with a Digivice turned the same, but Sapphire. While thinking what is happening, they are sucked into a hole and end up in the Digital World, meeting a boy named Luke with a Digivice like theirs but Onyx Black. A herd of Digimon come to greet them, including; Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon and a Lopmon X. They are told a Kuramon is growing and they must stop it before it becomes Argomon and destroys both of the worlds. 
02 "Long Time No See, Goburimon!"
"Lopmon X Shinka!"
A Goburimon turns up, which Lopmon X recognizes. It used to bully her when she was a Kokomon X for being different. Lopmon X wants revenge so she tries to fight him, but gets knocked out. That's when Luke manages to get her to Digivolve into Wendigomon X. Will the Champion Digimon defeat Goburimon? 
03 "The Digimon Leaders"
"Harm in the Dejimon World"
The Tamers learn they must revive 5 Digimon from a Curse and turn them good again in order to get to the Second Server. 
04 "Beelzemon's a Digimon Leader!"
"VS Leader Beelzebumon"
The Tamers find an old friend, Beelzemon, but he dosen't seem okay, it turns out he's one of the cursed Digimon Leaders, a fight ensues the break of the curse, who will win? 
05 "The Lost Veemon"
"One Strange V-mon"
A 'lost' Veemon finds the Tamers and asks for help, but tricks them into battle, it's Champion Levels VS One Strong Veemon, will it be a quick fight? 
06 "The Armour of Gold"
"V-mon Golden Armour Shinka"
The team are still fighting Veemon, they think they've won, but then Veemon Golden Armour Digivolves to Magnamon and the fight continues until it flies off, revealing it is a Leader Digimon 
07 "Monmon in the Con, Mon!"
"The Sneaky Koemon"
A Monmon comes across the Tamers and cons them out of their Digivices, and Digivolves into Hookmon and runs off. The Tamers give chase and have to fight the strong Champion Digimon without Digivolution and Digi-Modifying. 
08 "Smarts and Stranges"
"The Guide Owlmon and the Lost Agumon"
The Tamers havent eaten for days! The team meet an Aurumon, who is well known for being one of the smartest Digimon around. He's never met Digidestined before and is more than happy to join the team and help them. The team then come across another lost Digimon, an Agumon. He offers them food and drink if they return him home, so they take him along. 
09 "Entrance to the City"
"Agumon Matrix Shinka! MetalGreymon VS Mugendramon!"
The Team and new recruit Aurumon are close to the Lost Agumon's home town, however, an evil Machinedramon is blocking the entrance. Agumon then Matrix Digivolves to MetalGreymon and fights him! Who will win? 
10 "BlackWarGreymon and Camomon the Digimon Leaders"
"VS Traitor Leaders BlackWarGreymon & Oflamon"
The Tamers have been tricked! He was really a BlackAgumon under the disguise of Camomon and both are Digimon Leaders. Will the Tamers finally have their first victory over a Leader? 
11 "Aurumon's Secret Power"
"Owlmon's Simulation - Beelzebumon"
After removing BlackAgumon's curse, Camomon escapes. BlackAgumon returns to the Leader Castle. Aurumon then reveals his ability to remember a Digimon's exact stats and simulate that Digimon. Beelzemon motorcycles through the village but dosent escape in time for Aurumon to scan him and the team practise battling the simluation. 
12 "The Return of Ryo"
"Akiyama Rejoins the Team - Monodramon VS Gaomon"
The Tamers find an old friend Ryo. His Cyberdramon is now completley controlled and can stay as a Monodramon. Before they can celebrate, a Gaomon kidnapps Monodramon. Can Monodramon defeat Gaomon and can the Tamers locate Monodramon and rescue him? 
13 "The Strange Digi Egg"
"Flybeemon and the Kabudigi-Egg"
The gang come across a Flybeemon with a mysterious Digi Egg. He does not trust them with it, however. BlackAgumon suddenly appears and tells Flybeemon what they're doing for the Digital World, but Flybeemon wants them to fight for it. He Digivolves into Jewelbeemon and the Tamers must defeat him. 
14 "The Matrix Digivolutions"
"Teimāzu's Dejimon Matrix Shinka! (Tamer's Digimon Matrix Evolve!)"
Jewelbeemon seems too strong, but Ryo has a trick up his sleeve. He passes everyone a Card, when they swipe it, the Champion Digimon Matrix Digivolve to their Ultimate Levels. BlackAgumon also Warp Digivolves to Blackwargreymon and the fight continues. 
15 "Beelzemon the Digimon Leader"
"VS Old Friend Leader Beelzebumon"
After earning their Digi-Egg, the gang prepare to leave the village, but Beelzemon comes back to fight them once and for all. After a long fight, he is defeated and the curse is lifted. He then warns our heroes that his brother, Assassimon is afoot and also has the curse, he is also the most powerful Digimon with the curse. Now that they only have 3 leaders to find, the gang set off again to search for them while Blackwargreymon and Beelzemon return to the Leader Castle. 
16 "Cammomon the Digimon Leader...?"
"VS Oflamon, not a Digimon Leader?!"
The gang immediatley find Cammomon, who dosent put up much of a fight, only to reveal that he was a decoy, he isn't a Digimon Leader. The actual Leader is BanchoLeomon and Cammomon is just a servant for the cause of the curse, SkullMeramon, who comes to take back Cammomon, Aurumon quickly scans SkullMeramon, who proves to be too much of a fight for our team's Digimon. 
17 "The Cave of Flames"
"The Spirit of Flames in the Cave"
During a long walk in the desert, the Digidestined find a cave, they enter but half of the place is covered in flame, but something intruging is on the other side of the flames. Everyone gets burned by the fire but Takato, who walks through it while taking no harm. He picks up the object, which is the Spirit of Flames. He then Spirit Digivolves to Agunimon. Aurumon then tells them about the Spirits and how it might be a good idea to find them. The team continue their adventure with this in mind. 
18 "Hatching a new Friend"
"The KabuDigi-Egg Hatches! New Tamer?!"
The Egg is acting strangely, just as a new human, Tsuguhiko, with a Yellow Gemmed D-Power 2.0 appears. The egg then hatches into a KoKabuterimon, who warms up to Tsuguhiko immediatley. He then joins the team and they continue their search for the leaders and spirits. 
19 "Mutant Digivolution"
"Terriermon & Lopmon X Mutant Shinka!"
Takato and Rika's D-Power 2.0s start to act strangely, and Guilmon and Renamon Digivolve simultaniously, both merging into eachother's Digivolution, Guilmon then becomes a red Kyubimon and Renamon becomes a yellow Growlmon. The team then decide to call this Mutant Digivolution and think it could come to some good use, so Luke and Henry try it to make Rapidmon (Armour), but this goes wrong, making a horrible mutant Digimon called Rabpitmon, who can easily defeat the other Mutant Digimon. Takato then decides to try Agunimon out to calm and split Rabpitmon. 
20 "The Freezing Cave and Magnamon the Digimon Leader"
"The Spirit of Ice in the Ice Cave! VS Returning Foe Magnamon the Digimon Leader!"
In a suddenly cold area, a cave seems to be the team's only spot of warmth, until they discover there's a huge blizzard inside. They then notice another Spirit, the Spirit of Ice. Luke seems to be unaffected by this cold and goes to get it. He then removes the cold using Kumamon, before Magnamon returns for a fight. Agunimon and Kumamon then goe in to defeat him and remove his curse. 


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