here is a list of all the DV7's used in the Digimon Ultimate series.


PC, WillG, and Red obtained thier DV7's after they were given thier partners from PC, years later wile PC is dying in the hospital he passes down his DV7 to his daughter and gave the blueprnts of the DV7 to his son so he could make his own design, PC's DV7 was customized from Cyan to Red to fit her Digimon Exmon and his son made the first DV7 to have a black center instead of white and and the grips were a mix mash between greys. Crimson Bloods DV7 emerged from her moniter after she agreed to be Cthulhumons human partner.


DVP stands for Digivice Version Prototype, all of the charecters (Except Crimson Blood)Started with one until they upgraded themselves to become DV7's, they also have no color scheme what so ever.

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