These are all the Digimon featured in the Ultimate series


PC, WillG, and Red's partners were originaly Ryudamon, Bearmon, and Commandramon but in a fight agasinst Purple team, Dorumon digivolved to Dorugamon and when Ryudamon digivolved to counter it, he digivolves to DexDorugamon insted of Ginryumon. PC then later designs a new digimon partner, ChaosAgumon was his first idea but was shown to be very dangerous so PC reprogramed him to be CyanAgumon, after WillG and Red found out ,they asked PC for new digimon partners as they are also having digivolution problems then PC creates DarkGuilmon and CamoGaomon. Cthulhumon Larvea Mode was one of the most dangerous digimon in the Digital World despite being a rookie and seeked out for throne to Dark Gaurdian of the Digital World. He convinced Crimson Blood to be his Human Partner and digivolves to Cthulhumon and succesfully claims throne to Dark Guardian. Years after the events of Ultimate, PC was in the hospital dying he gave his DV7 to his daughter and gave the DV7 Blueprints to his son so he could make his own design, as claimer of PC's former DV7, CyanAgumon was supposed to be her partner but his data was too old and was reincarnated as Exmon. PC's Daughter later changes the color on the DV7's grips to match Exmon, Red, PC's son got his arts and crafts skill from PC he also obtained one of his childhood projects, it was called "Puppy-Head" as it was a robotic head of a puppy, but would go through 3 phases before it would gather all of its data into the form of an egg then vanish, PC's son built it and powered it with his DV7 (That he already made),automaticly linking it to the machine and the DV7 dubbed the machine "Puppymon". There are other DFC's all over the world, but the events of Ultimate take place in Canada. Crimson Blood later in the series got a new Digimon after Cthulhumon was permanatly defeated, Minimon.


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