This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional series Digimon In Space.

# Title
1/251 "[[From Out Of Nowhere Part 1]]"
After being launched into space, the DigiDestined are encountered by a mysterious space ship. Meanwhile, D-Reaper assembles all of the universe's most evil villains. 
2/252 "[[From Out Of Nowhere Part 2]]"
With the Princess of Evil closing in, Hito gives the DigiDestined new powers to fight back. 
3/253 "[[Save Our Ship]]"
Upon returning to Earth, the DigiDestined receive an exploding welcome from the Princess of Evil & Duskmon. 
4/254 "[[Cat-Scratched]]"
The DigiDestined meet the Samurai Pizza Cats. 
5/255 "[[Never Stop Searching]]"
Hito travels to his home planet G-14 to search for his long-lost sister Kangaeru. 
6/256 "[[Satellite Search]]"
The space center asks the DigiDestined to retrieve a crashed satellite filled with important data about D-Reaper's operations. 
7/257 "[[A DigiDestined Among Thieves]]"
While the DigiDestined are busy taking a test, Hito gets mixed with a band of car thieves. 
8/258 "[[When Push Comes To Shove]]"
Maya gets trapped in a building under the Princess of Evil's destruction. 
9/259 "[[The CraterKunemon Invasion]]"
A malfunction in the DigiShip's Simudeck causes the CraterKunemon to escape & cause havoc in Tokyo. 
10/260 "[[A Wasp With A Heart]]"
FanBeemon, a friendly Digimon, is torn between his loving nature & his loyalty to his evil brother Waspmon. 
11/261 "[[The Delta Discovery]]"
Loweemon discovers where D-Reaper is hiding Seraphimon. 
12/262 "[[The Great Evilyzer]]"
Professor Gensho creates a laser ray that turns things evil; the Princess of Evil steals that laser & plans to use it against the DigiDestined. 
13/263 "[[Grandma Matchmaker]]"
Holly's grandmother visits Tokyo in order to get Holly engaged before she leaves. 
14/264 "[[The Sting of Flybeemon]]"
A suspicious bounty hunter joins forces with the Princess of Evil despite Duskmon's objections. 
15/265 "[[AJ's Identity Crisis]]"
Darkdramon betrays Duskmon & steals his powers for his own evil plan. Meanwhile, AJ suffers an injury that causes him to lose his memory. 
16/266 "[[Flashes Of Darkdramon]]"
Hito learns the startling truth about his sister's kidnapper & travels to the heart of D-Reaper's empire to find information. 
17/267 "[[The DigiDestined's Digi-Voyage]]"
The DigiDestined use their new Key Cards to locate a place where a new fleet of Digimon is held. 
18/268 "[[True Blue To The Rescue]]"
Trevor & Ballistamon return to help the DigiDestined. 
19/269 "[[Invasion Of The MetalPhantomon]]"
The Princess of Evil switches bodies with Holly to infiltate the Galactic DigiShip & capture the DigiDestined. 
20/270 "[[Survival Of The Silver]]"
The DigiDestined discover the cryogenically frozen DigiDestined, Jin, who is Hito's best friend. 
21/271 "[[Red With Envy]]"
Hito battles Darkdramon & his own jealousy when he worries that Holly is more attracted to Jin. 
22/272 "[[The Silver Secret]]"
After being frozen for two years, Jin struggles with his powers connected with his Digimon, Gabumon. 
23/273 "[[A Date With Danger]]"
Jin struggles between his attraction to the Princess of Evil & helping his fellow DigiDestined in danger. 
24/274 "[[Jin's Destiny]]"
The DigiDestined travel to a desolate planet where they are captured by a band of resistance forces, prompting Jin to consider his position in the DigiDestined. 
25/275 "[[Always A Chance]]"
After accidentally injuring Maya during the last battle, Marcus's self-confidence starts shattering; that is until an old friend comes & helps him out. 
26/276 "[[The Secret Of The Locket]]"
While Darkdramon sets up a trap for Hito, Hito finallys discovers his long-lost sister. 
27/277 "[[The Princess Thinks Twice]]"
The Princess of Evil questions her own motives as she travels to G-14 to battle the DigiDestined. 
28/278 "[[The DigiDestined's Leap Of Faith]]"
The DigiDestined question whether they should trust the Princess of Evil when she offers to help them find Seraphimon. 
29/279 "[[D-Reaper's Revenge Part 1]]"
With a new ally on the DigiShip, the DigiDestined must save Earth from being destroyed by a hurling asteroid. 
30/280 "[[D-Reaper's Revenge Part 2]]"
An old ally returns to help Hito rescue his sister from D-Reaper. 
31/281 "[[DigiDestined Gone Psycho]]"
The Princess of Evil creates her own elite team of evil DigiPsychos in order to solidify her powers. 
32/282 "[[Marcus On Call]]"
Marcus must appease a little girl's every whim to keep his identity a secret. 
33/283 "[[A Rift In The DigiDestined]]"
The DigiPsychos take the advantage of the animosity between the DigiDestined girls to capture Holly. 
34/284 "[[Five Of A Kind]]"
AJ devises a clever strategy to defeat the DigiPsychos in battle. 
35/285 "[[Silence Is Golden]]"
Able to recognize the DigiDestined's voices, the DigiPsychos assume human disguises to try & find them when they at least expect it. 
36/286 "[[The Enemy Within]]"
While searching for their Voyage Digimon, the DigiDestined prepare for a final showdown against the DigiPsychos. 
37/287 "[[Hito & The Stowaway]]"
On a remote planet, Hito befriends a rapidly growing baby Digimon on the run from his cruel master. 
38/278 "[[Mission To Secret City]]"
Hito & Marcus are trapped inside the Princess of Evil's Secret City, forcing Hito to discover untapped powers in his D-Astro to save the day. 
39/279 "[[Ghosts In The Machine]]"
The DigiDestined race to stop the Princess of Evil from using her new device that turns people into Data Cards. 
40/280 "[[The Impenetrable Web]]"
The Princess of Evil lures the DigiDestined into a trap on a distant planet. 
41/281 "[[A Line In The Sand]]"
The vehicular Digimon Brakedramon stalks the DigiDestined in a vast desert. 
42/282 "[[Countdown To Destruction Part 1]]"
D-Reaper's combined armies launch a final all-out assault on the entire universe. 
43/283 "[[Countdown To Destruction Part 2]]"
With the forces of evil all but triumphant, the DigiDestined make one last desperate attempt to save Seraphimon. 

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