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This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional anime season Digimon Mighty Squadron 03.

# Title
1/113 "[[A Friend In Need Part 1]]"
The DigiDestined (except Maggie, who is at home sick) travel to an alternate dimension that's under attack. There, a super-bionic being known as the Guyver appears & attacks them, thinking that the DigiDestined are really working for the evil organization known as CRONOS. 
2/114 "[[A Friend In Need Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined join forces with the Guyver in an attempt to fight CRONOS's Zoanids. Meanwhile, Tactimon sends Wisemon's latest Digimon, Parasimon, to Earth, & Maggie, despite being sick, ends up having to fight him. 
3/115 "[[A Friend In Need Part 3]]"
After defeating CRONOS & the Zoanids, the DigiDestined say farewell to their new friend, the Guyver, & return to Earth to join Maggie in an attempt to defeat Parasimon. 
4/116 "[[Digi-Ninja Quest Part 1]]"
Lilithmon's brother SkullSatamon appears & destroys the Thunder Digimon. 
5/117 "[[Digi-Ninja Quest Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined travel to the Desert of Despair to seek out a digital sage named Shurimon. 
6/118 "[[Digi-Ninja Quest Part 3]]"
The DigiDestined receive new Digi-Ninja Powers & new Digimon from Shurimon. 
7/119 "[[Digi-Ninja Quest Part 4]]"
The DigiDestined use their new Digimon to fight SkullSatamon & later his Digimon, Myotismon. 
8/120 "[[A Pencil With Destiny]]"
Based on Maggie's dream, Tactimon & Lilithmon create a Digimon that sucks color out of life. 
9/121 "[[Passing the Lantern]]"
Tactimon & Lilithmon attempt to steal Liam's Chinese lantern. 
10/122 "[[Wizard Digimon For A Day]]"
SkullSatamon turns a science teacher into a Digimon while Cody is trying to teach in his class. 
11/123 "[[Fourth Down & Long]]"
Cody must kick-off Lilithmon & Tactimon while an evil Digimon named Footmon turns people into soccer balls. 
12/124 "[[Stop Asuramon! Part 1]]"
Asuramon, an evil Digimon master of hate, casts a spell on the DigiDestined, causing them to fight amongst each other & plan to quit. 
13/125 "[[Stop Asuramon! Part 2]]"
Zoe holds the secret to stopping Asuramon & reuniting the DigiDestined. 
14/126 "[[Final Face-Off]]"
Lilithmon & Tactimon release Lickmon, also known as the Face Stealer, who steals people's faces. 
15/127 "[[The Potion Notion]]"
SkullSatamon's love potion causes havoc in Tokyo. 
16/128 "[[I'm Dreaming of a White Digimon]]"
The DigiDestined are forced to try to save Christmas... without their Digimon. 
17/129 "[[A Digi-Catastrophe Part 1]]"
The DigiDestined must choose between saving Alex & the mysterious girl Mia & stopping SkullSatamon's rampage in Tokyo. 
18/130 "[[A Digi-Catastrophe Part 2]]"
Alex is forced to defend himself from MadLeomon & SkullSatamon. 
19/131 "[[Digivolving of the Digimon Part 1]]"
Tactimon kidnaps Shurimon & uses his power source to summon his own set of Digimon. 
20/132 "[[Digivolving of the Digimon Part 2]]"
Tactimon kidnaps Maggie & uses her to blackmail the DigiDestined. 
21/133 "[[Digivolving of the Digimon Part 3]]"
Maggie's safety is depending on the DigiDestined controlling Tactimon's Digimon. 
22/134 "[[Follow That Taximon!]]"
Maggie, Brick, & Stick are going on the wildest ride of their lives. 
23/135 "[[A Different Shade of Pink Part 1]]"
Lilithmon vows to prevent Maggie from going to the Pan Global Games. 
24/136 "[[A Different Shade of Pink Part 2]]"
Tactimon uses Shurimon to bargain for the return of Mia. 
25/137 "[[A Different Shade of Pink Part 3]]"
Maggie has to make the biggest decision of her life: to stay a DigiDestined or become a world-class gymnast. 
26/138 "[[Lilithmon's Lunchbox]]"
The junkfood-eating Digimon Devitamamon is trying to destroy Alex...from the inside-out. 
27/139 "[[Another Brick In The Wall]]"
Mia & Nicky are trying to save the other DigiDestined from Brickmon. 
28/140 "[[A Chimp In Charge]]"
Tactimon turns a pet chimp used by Mia & Zoe for a school project into the evil Digimon Gokuwmon. 
29/141 "[[Barbamon & the Metallic Digi-Armor Part 1]]"
Lilithmon's father Barbamon appears to do what she & Tactimon failed to do--destroy the DigiDestined. 
30/142 "[[Barbamon & the Metallic Digi-Armor Part 2]]"
Barbamon & his evil crew seem to be starting to win against the DigiDestined. 
31/143 "[[Barbamon & the Metallic Digi-Armor Part 3]]"
The DigiDestined decide that the best way to defeat Barbamon is to travel to a distant dimension in the Digital World. 
32/144 "[[The Sound of Sanzomon]]"
Barbamon sends Sanzomon to control Zoe & Mia's voices. 
33/145 "[[DigiDestined In Reverse]]"
Barbamon reverses time & turns the DigiDestined into helpless children. 
34/146 "[[Aqua Warriors of Aqua World Part 1]]"
Seraphimon calls upon the Aqua Warriors to defend the Earth after the DigiDestined are turned into helpless children. 
35/147 "[[Aqua Warriors of Aqua World Part 2]]"
The Aqua Warriors defend the Earth from Barbamon & his band of evil Digimon. 
36/148 "[[Climb Every Fountain]]"
Nicky & the young DigiDestined devise a plan to trick the evil Digimon. 
37/149 "[[The Aqua Trap]]"
Nicky & the young DigiDestined must save the Aqua Warriors from a toxic lake. 
38/150 "[[Attack of the 60' Brick]]"
Lilithmon & Tactimon turn Brick into Nanimon. 
39/151 "[[Water You Thinking?]]"
The young DigiDestined begin the Zeo Quest to find the Zeo sub-Crystals. Cody is the first to look for his crystal. Meanwhile, Neptunemon is in serious need of rehydration. 
40/152 "[[Along Came A Spider]]"
While trying to make a way to hydrate the Aqua Warriors, Nicky gets abducted by Arukenimon. Meanwhile, Liam looks for his Zeo sub-Crystal. 
41/153 "[[Sowing The Seas Of Evil]]"
Lilithmon & Tactimon decide to summon the Aqua Warriors' worst enemy, Dragomon, to help them take over the Earth. Meanwhile, Alex & Mia search for their Zeo sub-Crystals. 
42/154 "[[An Afternoon Drag Part 1]]"
Tactimon & Lilithmon send Dragomon to steal all of Earth's water. Meanwhile, while searching for her Zeo sub-Crystal, Zoe meets a girl named Laura who needs her help. 
43/155 "[[An Afternoon Drag Part 2]]"
Zoe must make the toughest decision on her quest while the Aqua Warriors fight Dragomon. 

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