This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional anime season Digimon Mighty Squadron.

# Title
01 "[[Day of the Dumpster]]"
"The Evil Lilithmon Escapes! New Heroes Approach!"
"Aku Ririsumon wa esukēpu! Atarashii eiyū no apurōchi!"

Following the accidental release of long-imprisoned evil digi-sorceress Lilithmon, a benevolent sage known as Seraphimon drafts a group of five teenagers to help protect the planet as digital dinosaur-like creature-owning warriors of goodness. 
02 "[[High Five]]"
"Kari, Conquer Your Highest Fear!"
"Kārī, o saikō kyōfu o seifuku!"

Carly must learn to overcome her fear of heights when Nicky is in danger. 
03 "[[Teamwork]]"
"Teamwork! The DigiDestined Work Together!"
"Chīmuwāku! Issho ni deji unmei no shigoto!"

The girls lead a drive to clean up the environment, but Lilithmon has other plans when Maggie & Carly walk into her waste dump. She also sends Minotarumon to defeat our heroes. 
04 "[[A Pressing Engagement]]"
"Reliance! Teira & his Friends!"
"Riraiansu! Teirā to kare no yūjin!"

Taylor tries to break a fitness record. But, MadLeomon has a plan to separate Taylor from the others. Lilithmon sends down the powerful Sphinxmon to squish Taylor. 
05 "[[Different Drum]]"
"Zamielmon's Music! Magi's Deaf Friend Reaches Out!"
"Zamiērumon no ongaku! Magī no rōsha no tomodachi ga auto ni tassuru!"

Maggie's deaf friend, Jennifer, has a tough time fitting in at the noisy Youth Center. When the Digimon Zamielmon strikes, using music to hypnotize the children of Tokyo, her handicap allows her to remain unaffected. Can she aid the DigiDestined in putting an end to the evil fairy's symphony of destruction? 
06 "[[Food Fight]]"
"Boarmon, Lilithmon's Non-Stop Eating Machine!"
"Boamon, ririsumon no nonsutoppu taberu mashin!"

Lilithmon sends Boarmon to eat all of the food at the Tokyo Youth Center's Cultural Food Festival. 
07 "[[Big Sisters]]"
"Kidnapped! Save Little Sister From Cockatrimon!
Yūkai! Kokatorimon kara ritorushisutā o sukue!"

Maggie & Carly are volunteering as big sisters for a mischievous little girl named Lisa. However, Lilithmon sends Kokatorimon to kidnap Lisa in order to get the legendary Digi-Eggs. 
08 "[[I, Sakkakumon]]"
"Trapped! In the Eyes of Sephirotmon!
Oikoma reta! No me no sefirotomon!"

The DigiDestined try to rescue Nicky's young friend Ricky when he gets kidnapped by the Digimon of many eyes, Sakkakumon. 
09 "[[For Whom The Bell Trolls]]"
"Kari's Favorite Doll! The Goody Collector!
Kārī no sukina ningyō! Guddikorekutā!"

Carly's favorite doll that was passed down from her mother is stolen by Lilithmon & turned into a Digimon. 
10 "[[Happy Birthday, Spencer]]"
"Ambush! Spencer's Birthday Surprise!
Machibuse! Supensā no tanjō-bi sapuraizu!"

When Spencer starts to worry that his friends have forgotten his birthday, Lilithmon sends DarkKnightmon to give Spencer a little "birthday surprise". 
11 "[[No Clowning Around]]"
"Spellbound! PieOctmon's Evil Fairgrounds!
Superubaundo! Pieokutamon no aku feaguraunzu!"

The evil Digimon PiedOctomon (who is disguised as a clown) puts an evil spell on Carly's cousin Kyra. 
12 "[[Digi-Punks]]"
"Evil Potion! TonosamaGekomon Gulps!
Jaakuna pōshon! Tonosamagekomon gabunomi!"

Etemon puts a potion in Nicky & Maggie's drinks that turns them into punks. 
13 "[[Peace, Love, & Woe]]"
"Save the Love! Woemon's Dark World!
Ai o sukue! Woemon no yami no sekai!"

Nicky & his friends must rescue Joan, the love of his life, when she gets trapped in Woemon's nightmare world. 
14 "[[Foul Play in the Sky]]"
"Out of Control! Magi Trapped in Sky!
Kontorōru no soto! Magī wa, sukai ni oikoma reta!"

Maggie's pilot uncle falls to sleep during mid-flight when Lilithmon puts a sleeping potion in his drink. 
15 "[[Duskmon the Dark Warrior]]"
"Magic Potion! Kari's Uncle Kidnapped!
Majikkupōshon! Kārī no ojisan wa, sukottorando wa shinazu!"

Lilithmon's Digimon Duskmon kidnaps Carly's uncle, who is a brilliant scientist & martial artist, & orders him to give him an invisibility potion that he invented. However, Carly's uncle doesn't remember where he left his potion. 
16 "[[Switching Places]]"
"Brains Switched! Lampmon Grants A Wish!
Nō wa, suitchido! Ranpumon wa, u~isshu o fuyo shimasu!"

After Grumblemon messed with Nicky's latest invention (a mind-reading machine), the invention causes Nicky & Maggie to switch brains. 
17 "[[DigiDestined With Evil Part 1: Out of Control]]"
"Lilithmon's DigiDestined! The New Kid Arreksu Kidnapped!
Ririsumon no Deji unmei! Nyūkiddoarekkusu wa, Sukottorando wa shinazu!"

Lilithmon kidnaps the new kid Alex & turns him into an evil DigiDestined. 
18 "[[DigiDestined With Evil Part 2: Taylor's Battle]]"
"Teira VS MadLeomon! Battle in Lilithmon's Prison!
Teirā tai maddoreomon! Ririsumon no keimusho de batoru!"

Alex teleports Taylor to a prison where he heads face-to-face with MadLeomon. 
19 "[[DigiDestined With Evil Part 3: The Rescue]]"
"Rescue! Escape From Lilithmon's Dungeon!
Resukyū! Ririsumon no danjon kara no dasshutsu!"

The DigiDestined must rescue Taylor before he meets his doom. 
20 "[[DigiDestined With Evil Part 4: Eclipsing DinoOmnimon]]"
"Eclipse! Look Out, KyoryuOmegamon!
Nisshoku! Soto o nagameru, kyōryū omegamon!"

An eclipse causes DinoOmnimon to lose his powers. 
21 "[[DigiDestined With Evil Part 5: Breaking the Spell]]"
"Arreksu, Escape From Darkness!
Arekkusu wa, yami kara no dasshutsu!"

The DigiDestined must save Alex's from Lilithmon's control. 
22 "[[The Trouble With JumboGamemon]]"
"Grottomon & Etemon's Creation! The Bumbling Digimon JumboGamemon!
Gurottomon to etemon no sōzō! Shippai bakari shite iru dejimonjanbogamemon!"

Grumblemon & Etemon create their own Digimon, JumboGamemon, to destroy the DigiDestined. 
23 "[[Itsy Bitsy Spider]]"
Spencer must overcome his fear of spiders when he & the DigiDestined fight Dokugumon. 
24 "[[Blossomon the Spit Flower]]"
"Bouquet of Evil! The Spitting Flower Blossomon!
Aku no hanataba! Tsuba furawāburossamon!"

After her float design gets destroyed by Claymons, Maggie & the DigiDestined must deal with a bigger crisis when Blossomon is eating the city's flowers & turns them into man-eating creatures! 
25 "[[Life's A Masquerade]]"
"What's Behind That Mask? The Stalking Boltmon!
Sono masuku no haigo ni nandesuka? Sutōkāborutomon!"

Lilithmon sends Boltmon to the costume party at the Tokyo Youth Center. 
26 "[[Gung Ho!]]"
"Gung Ho! Teira & Arreksu Work Together!
Hōganhō! Teirā& Arekkusu wa issho ni shigoto!"

Taylor & Alex must learn to work together when they're sent to retrieve a powerful weapon to defeat a new breed of Claymon. 
27 "[[Wheel Of Misfortune]]"
Lilithmon steals Maggie's grandmother's spinning wheel & turns it into a dangerous weapon. 
28 "[[Island Of Illusion, Part 1]]"
"Overlord of Evil, Apocalymon!
Aku no dai kunshu, apokarimon!"

Lilithmon sends the DigiDestined to an island where things aren't always what they seem. 
29 "[[Island Of Illusion, Part 2]]"
"DigiDestined, Overcome Your Doubts!
Eraba reshi kodomo, anata no gimon o kokufuku!"

The DigiDestined must overcome their doubts in order to escape the Island of Illusion. 
30 "[[Golemon The Rock]]"
"Treasure Hunt! Search for the Mirror of Destruction!
Torejāhanto! Hakai no kagami o kensaku!"

Taylor & his cousin Trent are on a treasure hunt for a dangerous mirror. 
31 "[[Calamity Maggie]]"
"Magi's Bad Day! Captured By Samurai Zanbamon!!
Magī no warui hi! Samuraizanbamon ni yotte kyapucha sa reta!"

Maggie's day goes from bad to worse when Zanbamon captures her. 
32 "[[A Star Is Born]]"
Alex must rescue his friends while he's filling in for an audition for a martial arts commercial. 
33 "[[The Yolk's On You!]]"
"The Digi-Egg Craver, BlackGrowmon!
Dejieggukureibā, burakkuguraumon!"

Lilithmon tells BlackGrowlmon to defeat the DigiDestined if he wants some DigiEggs after Grumblemon & Etemon ate his previous ones. 
34 "[[The Green Candle, Part 1]]"
"Arreksu, Beware the Green Candle!
Arekkusu wa, gurīnkyandoru o chūi shite kudasai!"

To get back at Alex for turning against her, Lilithmon creates a magical candle that takes away his powers. 
35 "[[The Green Candle, Part 2]]"
"Powers Are Draining! Arreksu's Power Transfer!
Pawāzu wa, haisui shite imasu! Arekkusu no pawā dentatsu!"

Taylor travels to Lilithmon's dark dimension in the Digital World to rescue his weakening friend. 
36 "[[Birds Of A Feather]]"
"The Possessed Bird/Reptile Digimon, Tortamon!
Tsukareta tori/ hachūrui dejimon, tōtamon!"

The DigiDestined fight Tortomon, a Digimon that's controlled by a robotic heart called Cardioquad. 
37 "[[Clean-Up Club]]"
The city of Tokyo is polluted & overcome by trash thus the DigiDestined come together & organize a clean-up club in order to help clean up the city & recycle. Lilithmon decides to end the DigiDestined's plight & releases BlackUnimon. 
38 "[[A Bad Reflection On You]]"
Lilithmon creates evil clones of the DigiDestined to frame the DigiDestined. 
39 "[[Doomsday Part 1]]"
Lilithmon & her band go to Earth & releases her own fighting Digimon Craniamon. 
40 "[[Doomsday Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined must save the citizens as they must fight Craniamon & Apocalymon. 
41 "[[Lilithmon's Seed Of Evil]]"
Grumblemon plants a magical seed that causes Aruraumon to grow. 
42 "[[A Pig Surprise]]"
Lilithmon turns a helpless pig into Boarmon. 
43 "[[Something Fishy]]"
Nicky must overcome his fear of fish in order to fight Lilithmon's Digimon. 
44 "[[Lions & Blizzards]]"
Spencer finally asks the girl of his dreams out on the same time Lilithmon sends IceLeomon to Earth. 
45 "[[Crystal of Nightmares]]"
MadLeomon uses a magic crystal to give the DigiDestined nightmares. 
46 "[[To Flea Or Not To Flee]]"
Taylor helps a lost dog find its owner while the rest of the DigiDestined try to save the Youth Center. 
47 "[[Reign of OkiKuramon]]"
The DigiDestined create a time capsule for the future. Meanwhile, Lilithmon sends OkiKuramon to trap the DigiDestined in her own "time capsule". 
48 "[[Plague of Snimon]]"
Carly must do praying mantis martial arts in order to defeat Snimon. 
49 "[[Return Of An Old Friend Part 1]]"
Lilithmon forces the DigiDestined to surrender their digivices if they ever want to see their parents again. 
50 "[[Return Of An Old Friend Part 2]]"
With the digivices now in the hands of Lilithmon, the DigiDestined turn to Alex for their help. 
51 "[[CannonBeemon's Sting]]"
Nicky gets his first B, giving Lilithmon the idea to send down CannonBeemon. 
52 "[[Two Heads Are Better Than One]]"
Taylor & Alex teach a self-defense class for women while Lilithmon sends the Parrotmon Brothers to Earth. 
53 "[[Fowl Play]]"
Spencer helps Debra entertain some kids while Lilithmon sends Peckmon to Earth. 
54 "[[Trick Or Treat]]"
Maggie competes against Stick in a game show. 
55 "[[Second Chance]]"
Taylor & Spencer help a boy try out for Hojo's soccer team. 
56 "[[On Fins & Needles]]"
Surfimon casts a spell on Taylor & Alex, causing them to fight each other. 
57 "[[Enter... Gigadramon]]"
Maggie helps her cousin try to out for the cheerleading team. 
58 "[[Football Season]]"
Hojo helps Alex try out for the football team. 
59 "[[Digi-Mutants]]"
Alex tries to regain his memory while MadLeomon turn a bunch of Claymon into mutant versions of the DigiDestined that are led by Ebidramon. 
60 "[[An Oyster Stew]]"
Spencer gives Debra a pair of pearl earrings. Little does he know that those pearls actually belong to Shellmon! 

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