This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional series Digimon Turbo.

# Title
1/206 "[[Shift Into Turbo Part 1]]"
Mermaimon returns to Earth to seek vengeance against the DigiDestined. 
2/207 "[[Shift Into Turbo Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined must prevent Mermaimon from destroying the Tokyo power plant during their graduation ceremony. 
3/208 "[[Shift Into Turbo Part 3]]"
Seraphimon & Kokuwamon return to their home dimensions & the DigiDestined are given new mentors. 
4/209 "[[Shadow Digimon Hybrids]]"
Mermaimon's ShadowGesomon steals the DigiDestined's Digimon powers to create his own band of Shadow Digimon Hybrids. 
5/210 "[[Transmission Impossible]]"
A friend of Ophanimon travels to Earth with an important message. 
6/211 "[[Rally DigiDestined]]"
Trevor competes in a soap box derby while Gwappamon goes AWOL out of the DigiSub-Craft. 
7/212 "[[Built For Speed]]"
Liam battles the lightning-quick Beelzemon as he tries to stop his peers from doing a dangerous drag race. 
8/213 "[[Bicycle Built For The Blues]]"
Trevor is stuck on a speeding bicycle in an explosive countdown to zero. 
9/214 "[[The Whole Lie]]"
Mermaimon's latest Digimon makes Trevor lie constantly, causing a MetalPiranimon to appear after every lie. 
10/215 "[[Glyph Hanger]]"
Mermaimon's sends her Egyptian ex-fiance, Pharaohmon, to fight the DigiDestined. 
11/216 "[[Weight & See]]"
Mermaimon sends her Digimon minion Numbermon to sink Tokyo into the sea while Mia worries about her weight. 
12/217 "[[Alarmed & Dangerous]]"
Mermaimon's forces cause false fire alarms to occur all over Tokyo while Trevor deals with school bullies. 
13/218 "[[The Millenium Message]]"
Sheperdmon time-travels to modern-day Tokyo to report the Millenium Message to Ophanimon. 
14/219 "[[A Drive To Win]]"
Mermaimon's Digimon Voltmon seeks to ruin Liam's soccer game. 
15/220 "[[Cars Attack]]"
Mozartmon invades Earth, using his powers to make automobiles come to life. 
16/221 "[[Honey, I Shrunk The DigiDestined Part 1]]"
The DigiDestined are shrunk to the size of insects. 
17/222 "[[Honey, I Shrunk The DigiDestined Part 2]]"
The micronized DigiDestined go on an action packed adventure in an attempt to escape from Mermaimon's ship. 
18/223 "[[Passing The Torch Part 1]]"
The DigiDestined start their final assignment while Mermaimon decides to kidnap Alex. 
19/224 "[[Passing The Torch Part 2]]"
Alex, Liam, Laura, & Mia pass down their powers to a new generation of DigiDestined. 
20/225 "[[Stitch Witchery]]"
Mermaimon uses Holly's jacket to mind control the citizens of Tokyo as well as Sheperdmon. 
21/226 "[[The Wheel Of Fate]]"
Two intelligent Digi-Beetles, Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster, travel to Earth. 
22/227 "[[Trouble By The Slice]]"
Mermaimon is struck with amnesia while the DigiDestined fight some evil pizzas. 
23/228 "[[The Phantom Phenomenon]]"
The mysterious Digimon Loweemon travels to Earth & helps the DigiDestined. 
24/229 "[[Vanishing Act]]"
The DigiDestined are uncovering why things around them are disappearing... especially the DigiChamber. 
25/230 "[[When Time Freezes Over]]"
Mermaimon attempts to control time in order to freeze the Earth. 
26/231 "[[The Darkest Day]]"
Havocmon reinforces with Mermaimon & helps her in capturing TurboOmnimon. 
27/232 "[[One Last Hope]]"
Unable to defend Tokyo, the DigiDestined turn to Loweemon for assistance. 
28/233 "[[Fall Of The Phantom Digimon]]"
Mermaimon & Havocmon set a trap to capture Loweemon & steal his DigiRuby. 
29/234 "[[Clash Of The Digimon]]"
The DigiDestined race to stop TurboOmnimon & save Loweemon as his life fades away. 
30/235 "[[The Robot DigiDestined]]"
Trevor suspects that his fellow DigiDestined have been replaced by robots. 
31/236 "[[Beware The Third Wish]]"
Lampmon gives Mermaimon three wishes, one of which she uses to turn Shepardmon evil. 
32/237 "[[The Gardener Of Evil]]"
The DigiDestined must find the third coin in order to make Shepardmon good again. 
33/238 "[[Fire In Your Tank]]"
Lynxmon steals all the DigiDestined's superfuel, making him a flaming nightmare. 
34/239 "[[The Turn Of The Wretched Wrench]]"
Holly finds her auto mechanics class more harder than she thought. 
35/240 "[[Spirit Of The Woods]]"
While in the forest, AJ meets a mysterious young boy named Shizen. 
36/241 "[[The Song Of Confusion]]"
Maya's new band appears more than she bargained for. 
37/242 "[[The Accident]]"
After injuring a rival during soccer practice, even Marcus isn't sure it was an accident. 
38/243 "[[Maya's Best Friend]]"
After fighting a Digimon, Maya loses her dog but soon gets a new best friend. 
39/244 "[[The Curve Ball]]"
AJ must learn how to hit a curve ball if he wants to save his baseball team's chance of victory & well as the world. 
40/245 "[[Marcus & the Count]]"
After encountering a bat Digimon, Marcus soon gets an aversion of sunlight & a thirst for blood! 
41/246 "[[Little Strong Man]]"
Trevor receives superhuman strength after getting bit by a radioactive ant. Meanwhile, Mermaimon invades Earth with the first of her Fleet Digimon. 
42/247 "[[The Rival DigiDestined]]"
Maya & Holly compete to get the new kid at school's affection while Gwappamon invades Earth with Surfimon. 
43/248 "[[Parts & Parcel]]"
AJ tries to help Brick & Stick find out who's stealing random parts from electrical appliances. 
44/249 "[[Chase Into Space Part 1]]"
Trevor is facing the possibility of moving. Above that, the DigiDestined charge into their final battle. 
45/250 "[[Chase Into Space Part 2]]"
The remaining DigiDestined are launched into space in order to save Seraphimon. 

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