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Air Date
01 "In the Beginning"
"My Story!
Boku no Sutōrī!"
July 1, 2010 October 3, 2012
Shu, Sheena, and Tyson (online Digimon players) receive an online invitation while playing a new Digimon game, after accepting the invitation they are sucked into the Digital World. Upon arriving in the Digital World, they are attacked by SkullBaluchimon and an army of Digimon. Shu later befriends Agumon, his Digimon from the Digimon game and helps him digivolve to GeoGreymon using a Digivice. SkullBaluchimon is forced to retreat, while Royce, Ashley, and there Digimon observe the battle. 
02 "Hear Me Roar"
"GeoGreymon Roar!
GeoGureimon Todoroku!"
July 8, 2010 October 10, 2012
Agumon invites Shu to his home on Login Mountain, and tells him about how Argomon has brought chaos to the Digital World. Later in the night Sheena and Tyson decide to sneak out and find a way back to the human world. The two of them become lost in the nearby forest, and are attacked yet again by SkullBaluchimon. Shu rushes to help his friends in danger, however unlike before Agumon can not digivolve to GeoGreymon. 
03 "A Knockout Battle"
"Gaomon's Punch Out!
Gaomon o Panchiauto!"
July 15, 2010 October 17, 2012
The children find a baby Digimon village protected by Sunflowmon in the middle of the Chip Forest, a village that was attacked by SkullBaluchimon's subordinates, a wild gang of Goblimon. Sheena befriends Gaomon, who was beaten by the Goblimon, while trying to stop them from harassing SunFlowmon. Kizuna later helps Gaomon digivolve to Gaogamon and fend off the gang. 
04 "The Brave Little Digimon"
"Lion Flying in the Sky, Firamon!
Sukai Firamon Raionfuraingu!!!"
July 22, 2010 October 24, 2012
After Ashley explains to the group that the seven code keys will unlock the mystery of the Digital World, the group ventures into Factory Zone, a strange zone made up of large factories. They meet several ToyAgumon, Hagurumon, and Kokuwamon who work as slaves under MetalTyrannomon. Tyson teams up with a Coronamon to help free the slaves, when they confront MetalTyrannomon Royce tries to remind him that he is nothing more than a crybaby. 
05 "Julie Fights Back"
"Fight with Reality, Yui!
Genjitsu to Tatakau, Yui!"
July 29, 2010 October 31, 2012
The children meet another human child, a little girl named Julie who hates fighting, later she turns out to be Royce's sister. During an assault by SkullBaluchimon and Pandamon, Lunamon Julie's Digimon partner tries to convince her that it's okay to fight as long as you are fighting for those you care about. Julie decides to take Lunamon's advice and let her fight against SkullBaluchimon, she later decides to join the Digidestined on their quest. 
06 "A Sub Zero Battle"
"Clash Below Zero!
Reika Gekitotsu!"
August 5, 2010 November 7, 2012
The children enter Access Glacier, a snowy zone inhabited by Frigimon and other snow Digimon at the mercy of SkullBaluchimon. The group soon learns that this is the location of the first code key, SkullBaluchimon then makes his move to steal the first code key. Tyson angered by SkullBaluchimon's bullying devises a plan for the Frigimon to fight back. Later an Ebidramon attacks the children and the ice they are standing on breaks sending them plunging into the ocean. 
07 "Dancing in the Moonlight"
"Moon Night Bomb, Lekismon!
Mūn Naito Bomu, Rekisumon!"
August 12, 2010 November 14, 2012
After Ebidramon attacks, the Digidestined fall into the ocean where they are rescued by a school of Coelamon and taken to a near by island. WaruSeadramon, meanwhile obtains the lost code key from the Snow Zone, and sends a swarm of Octomon to the near by island to finish the job SkullBaluchimon couldn't. Meanwhile Julie must face her fear of fighting, in order to live up to her brother Royce's expectations and make him change his capricious ways. Lunamon digivolves to Lekismon, to obtain the code key from WaruSeadramon and fends off the Octomon army. 
08 "You've Got a Friend"
"You are my Friend, Wizarmon!
Boku wa Tomodachidesu, Wizarmon!"
August 19, 2010 November 21, 2012
After finding Wizardmon on the verge of death in the desert, they help him return to his home a wild west like town in the middle of the desert. Wizardmon helps Shu find the second code key, however Wizardmon snatches the code key for himself. Later he reveals that he only wants the code key, to help his best friend Gatomon return to her home, in another zone. Shu and the others then team up with Wizardmon to help him on his mission to help his friend and later help Wizardmon fight off a trio of SkullScorpiomon who attacked him before. 
09 "Wanted in the Wild Wild West"
"Battle on the Sand Dunes!
Sakyū de Notatakai!"
August 26, 2010 December 5, 2012
A group of bandits (Royce and Ashley) ransack the wild west town, ran by Deputymon. Shu, Sheena, Tyson, and Julie are mistaken as wanted criminals by the town sheriff Starmon and thrown in jail. After devising an escape plan, the group tries to stop Royce and Ashley from leaving on Locomon with the code keys and the town's goods. 
10 "The Way of the Tiger"
"Digi Ninja Showdown!
Deji Ninja Taiketsu!"
September 2, 2010 December 12, 2012
Karatenmon kidnaps the princess of East City, a town of Numemon taken over by ninja Digimon. Shu and Tyson must find out where Karatenmon is keeping the princess hostage, while they fight off a gang of Musyamon and other ninja Digimon. Meanwhile Sheena and Gaomon, fight Ashley and Falcomon. 
11 "It's Time to Digi-Duel"
"Sword Fight! Shu vs Karatenmon!
Ken wa Tatakau! Shu VS Karatenmon!!"
(剣は戦う!シューVS カラテンモン!!)
September 9, 2010 December 19, 2012
Karatenmon challenges Shu to a sword fight, the winner obtains the code key and wins the princess freedom. After Shu defeats Karatenmon, he releases the princess which turns out to be Kabukimon. Kabukimon thanks the group, and rewards them with the third code key. 
12 "Teenage Mutant Kimeramon"
"Mutant Digimon! Kimeramon Runs Wild!
Hen'ikei Dejimon! Chimairamon wa Yasei o Jikkō!"
(変異型デジモン! 野生を実行!)
September 16, 2010 January 9, 2012
Royce unleashes Kimeramon on the Digital World, despite Kudamon's warning. The Digimon becomes out of control, and begins to rampage across several zones. All of the Digidestined's Digimon (GeoGreymon, Gaogamon, Firamon, and Lekismon) at the champion level are easily defeated. Royce steals the code keys from the Digidestined, and opens a portal to other zones where he intends to spread Kimeramon's destruction across the Digital World. 
13 "Rise and Shine, RizeGreymon"
"Awakening, GeoGreymon Evolves!
Mezame, GeoGureimon Shinka!"
September 23, 2010 January 16, 2013
Believing that they are actually in an online Digimon game and not the Digimon World, Royce and Ashley continue there violent rampage on Kimeramon. Shu and Sheena having had enough, try to convince them that the Digimon World is a real place by confronting them and making them feel pain. The code keys grant Shu's wish for GeoGreymon to become stronger and protect his friends, GeoGreymon then digivolves to RizeGreymon. RizeGreymon defeats Kimeramon once and for all and ends Kimeramon's reign of terror. 
14 "Flaremon Howls"
"Flaremon Howl!
Flaremon Houkou!"
September 30, 2010 January 23, 2013
Tyson and Coronamon must save their friends, after Volcamon (under SkullBaluchimon's control) kidnaps them. Volcamon later ties up Shu, Sheena, Julie and there Digimon and threatens to toss them in a volcano, if they do not hand over the code keys and there digivices. Firamon digivolves to Flaremon, to defeat Volcamon. Meanwhile Royce and Ashley have form an alliance with a dark Digimon ChaosGallantmon. 
15 "The Dark Warrior, ChaosGallantmon"
"Black Knight, ChaosDukemon!
Burakkunaito, ChaosDukemon!"
October 7, 2010 January 30, 2013
Shortly after arriving in a heaven like zone known as Highlight Haven, the children's idea of paradise is cut short, when Royce and Ashley arrive with a new enemy ChaosGallantmon. Shu suspects that the two maybe under ChaosGallantmon's control, and that ChaosGallantmon may have been the one who convinced the two children that they are in a game. Using the code key of pride, ChaosGallantmon intends to revive the Mao Digimon, Lucemon: Chaos Mode. 
16 "The Tyrant Lucemon Appears"
"Tyrannical Lucemon Appears!
Sensei Rūchemon ga Hyōji!"
October 14, 2010 February 6, 2013
Lucemon: Chaos Mode appears and kidnaps Ashley, imprisoning her within his three dimensional sphere. Peckmon desperately tries to rescue her, however he is no match for the Mao Digimon, and is nearly deleted. Lucemon: Chaos Mode, then begins to destroy the zone, and turns on ChaosGallantmon. ChaosGallantmon and Royce then disappear abandoning Ashley. 
17 "Ashley's Guardian Angel"
"Asuka's Guardian, Yatagaramon!
Asuka no Hogo-Sha, Yatagaramon!"
October 21, 2010 February 13, 2013
RizeGreymon, Gaogamon, Firamon, and Lekismon decide to join Peckmon in the fight to save Ashley, despite Peckmon's orders not to get involved. The Ultimate Digimon are able to blast a hole in Lucemon: Chaos Mode sphere allowing Ashley to escape. Peckmon digivolves to Crowmon, then teams up with RizeGreymon to devise a plan to destroy Lucemon: Chaos Mode involving a full body attack. 
18 "Phantasmagoria"
"SkullBaluchimon's Phantasmagorical Illusion!
SkullBaluchimon no Gensō Sakkaku!"
October 28, 2010 February 20, 2013
In order to steal the gang's code keys, SkullBaluchimon traps the children in an illusion within their worst fears. The children let there fears get the best of them and quickly turn on another, until there Digimon help them overcome their fears and they awake from there nightmares. Feeling optimistic and no longer afraid, the children and there Ultimate Digimon combine there powers together and defeat SkullBaluchimon once and for all. 
19 "Brighter Than a Shooting Star"
"Meteor Booster MachGaogamon!
Ryūsei Būsutā MachGaogamon!"
November 4, 2010 February 27, 2013
Landing in the Digital World's junk yard, the children are attacked by a swarm of Pagumon who steals the groups Digivices. The Pagumon hand them over to ShadowWereGarurumon who plans on handing them over to Megadramon and Gigadramon as an offering. Sheena feeling homesick runs away and is later kidnapped by the Pagumon and ShadowWereGarurumon. No longer wanting to feel like a pushover, Sheena escapes and risk her own life to save her friends from Megadramon and Gigadramon, causing Gaogamon to undergo a new digivolution and become MachGaogamon. With the help of RizeGreymon and Flaremon, MachGaogamon defeats Megadramon and Gigadramon giving the children the opportunity to escape the junk yard. 
20 "Under the Sea"
"The Great Digimon Undersea Adventure!
Idaina Dejimon Kaitei no Bōken!"
November 11, 2010 March 6, 2013
The children find the location of the fifth code key in an underwater zone, powering a large underwater oil rig. The children meet Mermaimon and a school of Syakomon who are trapped inside the rig and can not return to the sea. Meanwhile WaruSeadramon plots his revenge against the children to steal the five code keys and avenge SkullBaluchimon's death. The children attempt to escape and help Meramaimon and the Syakomon return home using by swimming through a pipeline connecting the oil rig to the surface world. However WaruSeadramon and his fleet of Dragomon waits for them there. 
21 "The Fight for Friendship"
"Fight for Friendship, Crescemon!
Yūjō no Tame ni Tatakau, Crescemon!"
November 18, 2010 March 13, 2013
After a large battle ensues between the children's Digimon and the fleet of Dragomon are defeated thanks to the help of Mermaimon and Syakomon. WaruSeadramon confronts the children's Digimon himself out to avenge his fallen comrade in battle SkullBaluchimon. Due to his highly skilled combative powers underwater, WaruSeadramon gains the upperhand against the Digimon. When Mermaimon and the Syakomon nearly give their lives so the Digidestined can escape the pipeline, Juie finale realizes that it's important to fight for your friends, this realization gives birth Lunamon's Ultimate form Lekismon. Lekismon with the help of all her friends finale destroys WaruSeadramon, while Mermaimon and the school of Syakomon return to the sea Shu and the others return to the surface and head towards the next zone. 
22 "Much Aldo About Samudramon"
"Merchant of Death, Gaiomon!
Shi no Shōnin, Gaioumon!"
November 25, 2010 March 20, 2013
Matadormon treats Shu and his friends, as well as Ashley and Royce to a large feast at Lavender Castle in the Forest. Later the group discovers it was a trap set out by Matadormon and Samudramon, who are working under Argomon to steal the gang's code keys. Matadormon targets Royce, who boosts to be the strongest of the group meanwhile the Ultimate Digimon are easily defeated by Samudramon, who claims to be Argomon's right hand man and the merchant of death sent by Argomon to destroy the Digidestined once and for all. 
23 "The Truth About Royce"
"Hiroyuki's Bombshell?!
Hiroyuki no Nōsatsu?!"
December 2, 2010 March 27, 2013
Matadormon sends an onslaught of Zanbamon and Grademon towards Shu, Sheena, Tyson, Julie and Ashley. Meanwhile Matadormon continues to target Royce wanting his data and the data of his Digimon Reppamon. As Matadormon nearly kills Royce and Reppamon, he soon realizes that he is being controlled by ChaosGallantmon, Ashley and Julie then make him realize that he has been destroying living Digimon all along, and not playing the Digimon game. Reppamon then digivolves to Chirinmon and destroys Matardomon, while the other Digidestined continue to fight Samudramon. 
24 "Locked in Mortal Combat"
"Deadly Clash! The Black Knight vs the Merchant of Death!
Chimei-teki shōtotsu! Burakkunaito VS Shi no Shōnin!"
December 9, 2010 April 3, 2013
ChaosGallantmon arrives as Samudramon is about to steal the seven code keys (five belonging to Shu, one belonging to Royce, and one belonging to Ashley), ChaosGallantmon then tries to convince Royce to fight his friends along with him, however he has broken ChaosGallantmon's dark power thanks to the help of his friends. ChaosGallantmon then reveals he wants the Code Keys for himself to overthrow Argomon and rule the Digital World and Real World himself. ChaosGallantmon and Samudramon then fight for control of the seven code keys. 
25 "The King of Destruction Argomon!"
"King of Destruction Algomon!
Hakai no ō, Algomon!"
December 16, 2010 April 10, 2013
With the seven code keys in the same place, Argomon finale reveals himself to the Digidestined, interupting the fight between ChaosGallantmon and Samudramon. Argomon easily defeats the Ultimate Digimon reverting them to rookies, Argomon then snatches the seven code keys and wishes for a new world. The code keys grant his wish, and the Digital World begins to fall apart separating the Digidestined from their Digimon. 
26 "Showdown in the Human World"
"Tokyo Showdown!"
"Tōkyō Taiketsu!"

December 23, 2010 September 21, 2013
Shu, Sheena, Tyson, and Julie return to the real world, and continue with their lives as normal. Several days later they receive an online invitation, while playing Digimon online this time from a small Digimon named Dorumon who is on the verge of dying. Dorumon explains to Shu and his friends how he ended up in the human world and that are Argomon, ChaosGallantmon, and seven deadly Digimon have taken over the Digital World. When Samudramon realizes near the Tokyo Skytree, Dorumon appears and fights Samudramon and uses the kids inner strength to warp digivolve to Alphamon. After a huge battle in Tokyo, Alphamon sacrifises himself to defeat Samudramon, and with the last of his strength opens up a Digital gate for the kids to return the Digital World. 
27 "Enter the Dragon"
"The Dragon of Light ShineGreymon!"
"Hikari no Doragon, ShineGreymon!"

December 30, 2010 September 28, 2013
The kids land in first kingdom of Argomon's new Digital World, ruled by the Code Key of Pride and Spinomon. Shu later learns from the village elder AncientGreymon, that Agumon has been protecting the dragon and dinosaur Digimon in the kingdom from Spinomon, who invokes fear by threatening to awaken a legendary dragon. Meanwhile ChaosGallantmon warns Argomon and six other evil Digimon of the Digidestined's return, back at the first kingdom Shu and Agumon fight Spinomon, impressed by Agumon's courage Shu awakens a new power, allowing Agumon to warp digivolve to ShineGreymon. 
28 "A Dragon's Pride"
"Pride of a Dragon"
"Doragon Hokori!"

January 6, 2013 October 8, 2013
Spinomon resurrects Lucemon Shadowlord Mode by turning the code key of pride into negative energy. Lucemon Shadowlord Mode runs wild across the First Kingdom. Ashley helps Sheena, Tyson, and Julie find there Digimon, being held hostage at Login Mountain by Spinomon's suboridinate Devidramon. The Digimon escape and digivolve to Ultimate and help ShineGreymon fight Spinomon and Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. After ShineGreymon defeats Spinomon and Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, they gain the code key of pride. 
29 "The Vampire Diaries"
"Vampire Digimon Onslaught!"
"Kyūketsuki Dejimon'Onsurōto!"

January 13, 2011 October 12, 2013
Arriving in the second kingdom, the kids find Royce and Chirinmon in a fierce battle against a large army of Myotismon. Royce tells the Digidestined that he and Kudamon have been ruthlessly hunted by GranDracmon and his onslaught of vampire Digimon, unable to leave the second kingdom Royce wants to enter GranDracmon's castle in order to defeat him. GranDracmon sends an onslaught of Myotismon, VenoMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon towards the group, and a huge battle occurs between the vampire Digimon, and the kids Digimon. The group splits up, with the boys going inside GranDracmon's castle and the girls fighting the vampire Digimon on the outside. 
30 "The Castle of Nightmares"
"GranDracumon's Nightmare Castle!"
"GranDracumon Naitomea-Jō!"

January 20, 2011 October 19, 2013
The boys enter GranDracmon's Nightmare Castle, inside they encounter many obstacle illusions and warped dimensions within the castle including a bottomless pit that leads into an abyss. As the boys continue to make there way up the castle, they are attacked by more vampire Digimon. Royce sends Chirinmon into battle neglecting Shu and Tyson's help, Royce watches as Chirinmon is beaten mercilessly. The stairs on the way to GranDracmon then collapse, sending the boys into the abyss. 
31 "A Knight's Honor"
"Hiroyuki Becomes a Knight"
"Hiroyuki, Kishi Naito ni Naru!"

January 27, 2011 October 26, 2013
Royce awakens to find himself trapped inside the code key of sloth, where Royce loses his fighting spirit; The negative energy surrounding him keeps reminding him that Shu is better at sports, school, and even making friends. GranDracmon then reveals that he want's to feed off all of Royce's negative energy from the code key, to destroy Shu and the other Digidestined. Royce's feels change and he regains his fighting spirit, realizing that his friends and Kudamon persistent in trying to rescue him. Royce's epiphany allows him to escape, and gives Kudamon the new power to warp digivolve to Kentauromon, and finish off GranDracmon. 
32 "The Digimon Formely Known as Prince"
"PrinceMamemon's Royal Kingdom!"
"PrinceMamemon Roiyarukingudamu!"

February 3, 2011 November 2, 2013
The Digidestined arrive in the third kingdom, an underground mine home to the Numemon but taken over by the evil PrinceMamemon and the evil king Barbamon. The Digidestined must battle against PrinceMamemon and his army of Mamemon and BigMamemon, who've taken hostage of the Numemon's women and plan on handing them over as an offering to Barbamon, along with the mine's diamonds and treasures. The Numemon are to afraid to fight back however, so Sheena decides to motivate the Numemon to stand up against PrinceMamemon and join them in battle. 
33 "The Greed of a King"
"The Greedy King Barbamon!"
"Don'yoku-ō Barbamon!"

February 10. 2011 November 9, 2013
The kids are informed by Numemon, that the reason Barbamon and PrinceMamemon were drawn to their zone was because of a hidden treasure deep within the mine. After encountering various traps, the children find a treasure chest buried within the mine and manage to rescue the Numemon's women. The children are confronted by Barbamon who challenges them for the treasure, Barbamon then resurrects Machinedramon to destroy the Digidestined. 
34 "Sheena's Mega Battle"
"Kizuna Stand Up!"
"Tachiagaru Kizuna!"

February, 17, 2011 November 16, 2013
Machinedramon's large size causes the mine to begin to collapse, Shu and Agumon trie to evecuate the Numemon while the others face off against Machinedramon and Barbamon. Gaomon warp digivolves to MirageGaogamon to defeat Machinedramon and Barbamon, the kids open the treasure and reveal the code key of greed. As the Digidestined are preparing to leave Barbamon's kingdom for their next adventure, it begins to collapse once again due to the aftershocks of the battle with Machinedramon. Shu, Julie, and Ashley, then separate from Sheena, Tyson, and Royce, as the groups fall in separate directions. 
35 "Give Me Giver Never Gets"
"Eat or Be Eaten!"
"Kuu Ka Kuwareru Ka!"

February, 24. 2011 November 23, 2013
Shu, Julie, and Ashley arrive on a small island, where they find several Digimon working inside of restaurant ran by Ogremon, several Pagumon then rampage the restaurant and scare off customers. Agumon captures one of the Pagumon who was sent by Fugamon, Ogremon's brother who became jealous of his brother abruptly and decided to run his own restaurant and has attempted to sabotage his brother's business ever since. Julie upset because the brothers are not getting along sneaks into Fugamon's restaurant in the middle of the night, where she witnesses that the restaurant is ran to feed the Digimon of envy Leviamon. 
36 "A Family Affair"
"Brother I Need to Be Strong!"
"Otōto, Tsuyoku Naru Koto ga Hitsuyou da!"

March 3, 2011 November 30, 2013
Ashley develops a battle plan that involves giving Leviamon an offering of food that will end up over feeding Leviamon, so that he will be easier to defeat. Leviamon accepts the offering, but Leviamon overpowers ShineGreymon, Crescemon, and Crowmon as he as an advantage near water. Julie intervenes and Leviamon grabs Julie with his tail, she hears the voice of her brother, telling her not to give up and be strong, releasing her most powerful DNA charge. Lunamon double warp digivolves to Dianamon and defeats Leviamon to retrieve the code key of envy, Ogremon and Fugamon then make up and continue to run their restaurants and the Digimon of the island without conflict. 
37 "The Heart of a Digimon"
"Takuto's Warm Heart"
"Takuto no Attakai Kokoro!"

March 10, 2011 December 7, 2013
Sheena, Tyson, and Royce are saved by Beezlemon Blast Mode in the fifth kindgom, he takes them to meet Merukimon and the two plan to join forces with them to defeat Argomon, since they want the hearts of Digimon to return to the way they were before Argomon tainted them. Argomon learns of their betrayal and awakens a virus called Whispered inside of Beezlemon, Coronamon warps digivolves to Apollomon, but becomes infected with Whispered and becomes Apollomon Whispered. 
38 "Apollomon Warrior of the Sun, Won't You Come?"
"Sun Wheel of Justice Apollomon!"
"Seigi no Apollomon-bi Hoīru!"

March 17, 2011 December 14, 2013
Apollomon Whispered summons a black sun to annihilate everyone, Beezlemon and Merukimon with the help of the other Digimon attempt to counter it, but are easily overpowered. The black sun hits, and after a big explosion, Apollomon Whispered returns to Coronomon, Beezlemon reveals that in his Blast Mode, he and Merukimon destroyed Whispered, a few seconds before the explosion hit. Beelzemon gives the kids the code key of gluttony, Beelzemon and Merukimon then hope to be reborn one day when Argomon is defeated. 
39 "The Heavens Tremble"
"Heaven in Distress! Turn it into Strength!"
"Sōnan ten! Tsuyo-sa ni Kaeru!"

March 24, 2011 April 12, 2014
The group reunites in a forest of injured trees and polluted soil, which later turns out to be Ceresmon. Ceresmon's true form, Ceresmon Medium has become upset that Digimon she fed and sheltered have turned on each other and have taken Ceresmon. The gang later learns that is it the work of Bacchusmon, a Digimon who once welcomed visitors with grape juice, but has now who poisoned the Digimon of the forest with it. Falcomon double warp digivolves to Ravemon, and defeats Bacchusmon, who is then revealed to have been under the control of Laylamon. Note: In the original Japanese verison, Bacchusmon welcomes the visitors with wine. 
40 "Darkness in my Heart"
"Lilithmon Whispers in the Darkness!!!"
"Dāku Lilithmon Sasayaki!!"

March 31, 2011 April 19, 2014
Royce eats an apple given to him by Laylamon, which begins to make him act more capricious than ever towards his friends. After arguing with Shu about whether or not they should enter Laylamon's tower, Laylamon whispers to Royce in his sleep about how his friends will turn on him and that they secretly think he is much weaker than him. Royce challenges Chaosmon outside of Laylamon's tower alone, during the fight Royce wishes for Kentaurosmon to become much stronger as Kentaurosmon struggles against him. The code key of desire grants his wish, and Kentaurosmon and Chaosmon fuse into UltimateKhaosmon.

In the original Japanese version, the code key of desire is known as the code key of lust. 

41 "Glorious Chaos"
"Terror! Ultimate Chaosmon Manifest!"
"Kyōfu! Ultimate-Chaosmon Manifesuto!"

April 7, 2011 April 26, 2014
Shu wishes for ShineGreymon to get stronger to defeat UltimateKhaosmon, blinded by his desires, ShineGreymon digivolves to ShineGreymon Ruin Mode. ShineGreymon Ruin Mode and UltimateKhaosmon nearly destroy the entire Digital World and destroy Laylamon's tower in the process. Meanwhile Shu repents on fighting with his emotions and losing his cool, and Royce repents on acting so capricious. After realizing they were both wrong, the fusion between Chaosmon and Kentaurosmon breaks, ending UltimateKhaosmon's terror. 
42 "Forever United as One"
"Friendship, The Strongest Bond!"
"Tomodachi, Saikyō Kizuna!"

April 14, 2011 May 3, 2014
Shu and Royce decide that their friendship is stronger than any bond or emotion, releasing a powerful DNA charge that causes ShineGreymon Ruin Mode to burst digivolve to ShineGreymon Burst Mode and Kentaurosmon to burst digivolve into Kentaurosmon Burst Mode. The two Digimon along with the help of the other mega Digimon defeat Laylamon, and gain the code key of desire. The Digidestined now approach the final kingdom of Argomon's new world. 
43 "Into the Wild Yonder"
"At Last the Final Hell!"
"Tsuini! Saishū-Tekina Jigoku!"

April 21, 2011 May 10, 2014
In the final kingdom of Argomon's new world, the Digidestined face the Daemon Corps. Shu, Royce, and Tyson challenge a duo of SkullSatamon near Daemon's tower, while Sheena, Ashley, and Julie face LadyDevimon in a nearby forest. After the group defeats the Daemon Corps, Daemon reveals himself. 
44 "Daemon's Inferno"
"Daemon's Wrath
Dēmon no Ikari!"

April 28, 2011 May 17, 2014
Daemon creates an inferno around the Digidestined, that gets bigger as the Digidestined succumb to their fears making it nearly impossible for them to escape, meanwhile the mega Digimon struggle to attack Daemon, since he can shield himself and deflect their attacks. Shu helps the group overcome their fears, allowing for the other Digidestined to release their own powerful DNA charge and perform burst digivolution. ShineGreymon Burst Mode, MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, Kentauromon Burst Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode, Apollomon Burst Mode, and Dianamon Burst Mode, combine their attacks, breaking Daemon's shield and destroying him. 
45 "ChaosGallantmon's Last Stand"
"Now! ChaosDukemon's Final Assault!
Imasugu! ChaosDukemon Saishū Asaruto!"

May 5, 2011 May 24, 2014
The Digidestined are challenged once again by ChaosGallantmon, he is easily defeated by the Digidestined's Mega Digimon in their Burst Modes. ChaosGallantmon frustratingly ask Argomon for his help in defeating them, so that the two of them could steal the seven code keys and rule a new world together. Argomon then states that he's known it has been his plan along for him to attempt to steal the seven code keys and overthrow him, just as he previously tried to do, he then permanently deletes him. The Digidestined defeat Argomon, who they later learn is just a fake, a young girl then reveals herself to the Digidestined, stating she has been waiting for them. 
46 "O'Daughter Where Art Thou?"
"Rhythm? Algomon's Daughter!
Rizumu? Algomon no Musume!"

(リズム? アルゴモン娘!)
May 12, 2011 May 31, 2014
Rhythm appears to the Digidestined, after anticipating their arrival. Meanwhile Argomon begins to spread a thorn across the Digital World that is putting all Digimon to sleep, after the group is chased by a group of Chrysalimon and an Infermon that has also been pursuing Rhythm, they arrive at Argomon's nest. Rhythm then reveals that she is a Digimon, and that is actually the daughter of Argomon. 
47 "An Ultimate Battle"
"All Ultimate Digimon Fight!
Subete no Kyūkyoku no Dejimon Tatakai!"

May 19, 2011 June 7, 2014
The origin of Argomon is revealed by Rhythm, Argomon developed from a bug in the Digital World's algorithm and hijacked the Digital World's main computer Yggdrasill to take over it, and the code keys are left over fragments of Yggdrasill which represent the sins of humans and Digimon. ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, Apollomon, Dianamon, Kentaurosmon, and Ravemon knockout Argomon from above his nest, ShineGreymon digivolves to ShineGreymon Burst Mode and uses Final Shining Burst to give Argomon the final blow. As the episode ends Argomon rises with anger, shaking the entire Digital World. 
48 "Moving to the Rhythm"
"Tears for Rhythm!
Rizumu No Tame no Namida!"

May 26, 2011 June 14, 2014
Argomon kidnaps Rhythm and steals the code keys, Argomon realizing that he can not win against the mega Digimon, cocoons himself and attempts to bury himself underground. The Digimon pursue Argomon, while the children attempt to fight off Argomon's thorns which are growing at alarming rate and consuming most of the Digital World. Argomon re-emerges with Rhythm, and the seven code keys and uses their power to open his eyes and become Argomon Mega, to unleash his full power. Rhythm is deleted trying to save Shu and Agumon, from being taken by the thorns, moved by her sacrifice the two vow to defeat Argomon Mega. 
49 "Tommorow Never Knows"
"Go Beyond Tommorrow!
Mukō Ashita ni Iku!"

June 2, 2011 June 21, 2014
Argomon Mega destroys the digivices, leaving the Digimon unable to digivolve to their burst modes. The Digidestined are put in a deep slumber by Argomon's tentacles, where they each dream about hopes and wishes they could've accomplished, if they never became the Digidestined. The Digimon in their rookie stages continue to battle Argomon Mega, but all efforts seem in vain as the mega Digimon is to much for them, Shu and the others hear out their Digimon calling out to them in their dreams, causing them to awaken with the realization, that they became the Digidestined, because their bonds with Digimon and their friends were strong. Shu, Sheena, Tyson, Julie, Ashley, and Royce unleash their most powerful DNA charge, which allows their Digimon to digivolve once more. 
50 "And So it Ends"
"Believe in the Future!
Mirai o Shinjite!"

June 9, 2011 June 28, 2014
The Digimon continue to digivolve during the battle with Argomon Mega, until they reach their Burst Modes. The combined power of the Burst Modes, and the combined DNA charge of Digimon all over the Digital World, give the Digimon to capability to over power Argomon Mega slowing him down, ShineGreymon Burst Mode gives Argomon Mega the final blow with Final Shining Burst. The group celebrates, but their celebration is cut short when the Digital World begins to rebuild itself, and the Digimon and Digidestined begin to go back to their respective worlds, Shu and Agumon say goodbye, Shu then awakens in his room, on the same day he was chosen to go to the Digital World. Shu who is new in town, goes to meet new friends at a fireworks display, later that night, where he runs into Sheena, Tyson, Julie, Royce, and Ashley.