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This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional anime season Digimon Zeo.

# Title
1/156 "[[A Zeo Beginning Part 1]]"
While celebrating the end of the DigiDestined, Lilithmon, Tactimon, & their crew are under attacked & kicked off the moon by the evil Machine Empire. Meanwhile, beneath the rubble of the destroyed Command Center, the DigiDestined find the Zeo Crystal. 
2/157 "[[A Zeo Beginning Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined are given new Digimon to help them fight the Machine Empire. 
3/158 "[[Shooting Star]]"
When King Drasil & QueenChessmon send Starmon to Earth, the DigiDestined are forced to Digi-Grow their Digimon in battle. 
4/159 "[[Target Digimon]]"
Cody & his new friend Samantha create a software, but it ends up getting stolen by the Machine Empire for their latest Digimon. 
5/160 "[[For Crying Out Loud]]"
Alex & Mia take care of a baby for a school assignment; this gives Drasil the idea to create a Digimon that will make that baby give the DigiDestined a hard time. 
6/161 "[[Digimon In The Outfield]]"
The baseball team gives Kapurimon the idea to send a Digimon to capture people. 
7/162 "[[Every Dog Has His Day]]"
Mia's pet dog aids the DigiDestined in their battle against the DigiDestined's Digimon Digmon. 
8/163 "[[The Puppet Blaster]]"
Hojo holds a puppet show at the youth center; the Machine Empire decides to turn that puppet into a Digimon that has control of the children. 
9/164 "[[Invasion of the Digi-Snatchers]]"
Kapurimon recruits the DigiDestined to be in his own twisted movie, "Invasion of the Digi-Snatchers". 
10/165 "[[Graduation Blues]]"
As Nicky learns that he had graduated from Tokyo Junior High, Neptunmon, a member of the Aqua Warriors, comes to Earth for Nicky's help. 
11/166 "[[A Few Bad Seeds]]"
As Cody & Liam are working on a hybrid plant school project, Cody's plant acts all bizzare, as it keeps growing & has an appetite for metal. 
12/167 "[[Instrument of Destruction]]"
Drasil sends the Hagurumon to Tokyo Junior High to try & catch a mysterious musician. 
13/168 "[[Mean Screen]]"
After Liam & Laura encounter a computer virus, that gives Drasil the idea to send the evil Monitormon to destroy the computers. 
14/169 "[[Mr. Nicky's Wild Ride]]"
As Nicky is returning to Earth from Aqua World, Drasil is attempting to lure him into a gravitational pull to his doom. 
15/170 "[[There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 1]]"
Alex receives a Dear John letter from Maggie. 
16/171 "[[There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 2]]"
Drasil uses MetalCupimon to cast a spell on people, making them fall in love with machines. 
17/172 "[[There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 3]]"
Drasil sends SkullSatamon to create a greenhouse effect on Tokyo. Later, while Mia helps Alex over his Dear John letter from Maggie, a relationship sparks between the two DigiDestined. 
18/173 "[[Inner Spirit]]"
While looking for Sahahee Mancond, Alex sees a young man who looks just like him. 
19/174 "[[Challenges]]"
Alex discovers that the owner of the other half of the spearhead is his long-lost brother, Noah. 
20/175 "[[Found & Lost]]"
Drasil has the Hagurumon kidnap Noah, & he soon blackmails Alex to give him the spearhead in exchange for his brother. 
21/176 "[[Brother, Can You Spare Me A Spearhead?]]"
With the spearhead in his hand, King Drasil continues to fight the DigiDestined while refusing to release Alex's brother. 
22/177 "[[Trust In Me]]"
Drasil sends a Digimon to gain the DigiDestined's trust so that he can destroy them. 
23/178 "[[It Came From Tokyo]]"
Liam has a dream, in which he visions his fellow DigiDestined as hideous monsters. 
24/179 "[[Pulp Brick-tion]]"
Kapurimon comes to Earth to destroy the DigiDestined with his new toy, Manbomon. 
25/180 "[[Song Sung Yellow]]"
The DigiDestined must save Tokyo from Kapurimon's birthday present, BigMamemon. 
26/181 "[[Game of Honor]]"
King Drasil plans to take over Earth's waterways by sending his own battlefleet along with an invisible force field. 
27/182 "[[The Power of Gold]]"
King Drasil's plan to divide & conquer the DigiDestined is spoiled by the Three Golden Digimon. 
28/183 "[[A Small Problem]]"
Kapurimon shrinks the DigiDestined & traps them in a terrarium with a hungry tarantula--that is, until the Three Golden Digimon come to their rescue. 
29/184 "[[A Season To Remember]]"
The DigiDestined & their friend Joshua help Hojo decorate for Christmas, & they later learn about different holiday cultures. 
30/185 "[[Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise]]"
The evil Faucetmon pollutes Tokyo's water will toxic oil in an attempt to destroy Mia during a surfing competition. 
31/186 "[[Rock-A-Bye DigiDestined]]"
The Machine Empire send Tapirmon to cast the city--& even the DigiDestined--into a deep sleep, leaving the Three Golden Digimon to break the spell. 
32/187 "[[Do I Know You?]]"
The Three Golden Digimon find themselves in the Digi-Chamber from King Drasil, QueenChessmon, & the bounty hunter Sealsdramon. 
33/188 "[[Revelations of Gold]]"
The Three Golden Digimon get shot down by Sealsdramons & each of them crash into Aqua World. 
34/189 "[[A Golden Homecoming]]"
Time is running out for the Three Golden Digimon to find themselves a partner. 
35/190 "[[Drasil's Last Stand]]"
King Drasil plans to use the Sword of Alphamon to destroy the DigiDestined. 
36/191 "[[Bomber In The Summer]]"
The DigiDestined help Hojo with his beach club when a gang of tough motorcyclists appear & trash the place. 
37/192 "[[Scent Of A Weasel]]"
The DigiDestined volunteer at a charity fashion show hosted by Mr. Puanteur, a famous fashion designer. 
38/193 "[[The Lore of AncientTroiamon]]"
Zoe sends Laura a map of Mysterio Island, & Laura suspects her parents have been missing for years. 
39/194 "[[The Digimon Who Came In From The Gold]]"
While Mia does a ballet recital based on the story of King Midas, Bombmon creates an idol called the Midas Hound, which has the ability to turn anything into gold. 
40/195 "[[The Joke's On Blue]]"
Bombmon vows to take the helm of the Machine Empire when QueenChessmon's oldest son, Fuujinmon, & his wife, Crusadermon, return. 
41/196 "[[Where In The World Is Zeo DigiDestined 5?]]"
While jetskiing at the lake, Alex gets kidnapped by Fuujinmon in an attempt to break up the DigiDestined. 
42/197 "[[King For A Day Part 1]]"
Alex wakes up & finds himself in an arena where he sees Digimon fighting each other. 
43/198 "[[King For A Day Part 2]]"
Taylor is forced to defend himself when a brainwashed Alex attacks him. 
44/199 "[[A Brief Mystery Of Time]]"
Alex is confused when he keeps reliving his experiences of the day over & over. 
45/200 "[[A Mystery To Me]]"
The DigiDestined dress up as their favorite detectives when they attend a charity detective party hosted by Lieutenant Yuuji. 
46/201 "[[Another Song & Dance]]"
Alex asks Laura for singing lessons when he has to sing in his music class. 
47/202 "[[Warriors Of Two Worlds Part 1]]"
Everyone is stunned when it's revealed that Nicky has aged into an old man. 
48/203 "[[Warriors Of Two Worlds Part 2]]"
The DigiDestined team up with the Aqua Warriors of Aqua World in an epic battle against the combined forces of King Drasil & Tactimon. 
49/204 "[[Hawaii Zeo]]"
The golden powers are starting to fade away from Taylor. 
50/205 "[[Good As Gold]]"
Taylor is about to lose his powers just as he's confronted by Lilithmon & Tactimon. 

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