Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot is a fan made digimon series. It's premise is twenty five years after the events of Fan: Digimon Academy a new group of tamers go to Digimon Academy. Once there they run into an all new set of problems caused by the Big Death-Stars and other villianous digimon. This is a page about the characters. Feel free to edit your information about the characters.

Characters: Noobs

Tsunayoshi "Zero" Maxus: A happy-go-lucky optimist, who loves making jokes and being with Digimon. He has an alter ego in which he calls "Zero," who does the main battling for him. He has hopes of making many friends, and surrounding himself by them. His partner is Blast the Monodramon, with an unstable Digivolution Line. He doesn't liked to be picked on, but doesn't show his emotions. He's empathetic, so he's usually thinking about other people, while wisecracking. He came to the Digimon Academy to escape real life.
Blast The Monodramon: Tsuna's battling partner and best friend. Can already Digivolve to Cyberdramon. He's usually the one calming Tsuna down, and telling him to think rationally. When being used by "Zero," Digivolves to Darkdramon, for more power and dragon-like form. When being used by "Tsuna," Digivolves to Justimon, and is called Extreme, for Tsuna thinks he's another person.

Matt Ryder (Main article: Matt Ryder)

Tori Miles (Main article: Tori Miles)

Hana Arakawa: (Main article: Hana Arakawa)

Daire Kennedy

Elegon Laze

Amelia Ekaki

Samuel Hart

Shu Kiriyama

Luvenia Romano

David Anthony

Kiba Inuzai

Keeva Inuzai

Nick Farens

Erik Lamos

Gwen Thorn Her full name is Gwendelin Thorn and her partner is Dracmon. Gwen is rough around the edges. She tends to think rationally and people have to earn her trust through their actions before she can get along with that person. Glares at people when she wants you to stop talking and can be very witty with an odd sense of humor.

James & Caleb Finch

Brittany Jules


Bright Mitchel: (Main article: Bright Mitchel) Bright is a harsh Tamer and a bit of an outcast. His partners are Veemon and Wormmon.

Neleah Schnitzer: (Main article: Neleah Schnitzer)

Keiko Matsunami: (Main article: Keiko Matsunami)

Trevor Allen: (Main article: Trevor Allen)

Drake Nova (Main article: Drake Nova)

Miu Kisaragi

V Blaze

Neko Katsuragi

Patrick Kubar (Main article: Patrick Kubar)

Mishuro Monta

Mina Terrano

Will Burtont

Jake Hency

Human Villains

Lessa Reanne (Main Article: Lessa Reanne)

Academy Headmasters

Danny Granger

Region Lance Heart

Lily Prescott

Dillion Friese

Pyralis Flame

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