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  • Ep.1:Simultaneous Attacks
>Takumo,Karen,& Chris become Digi-destineds(DGDs),& Sunmon & Moonmon digivolve to rookie level while fighting a Boarmon.
  • Ep.2:A Scary Shadow
>Bearmon digivolves to Grizzmon to defeat a Witchmon that was scaring everyone.
  • Ep.3:Let Bitmon Slash It
>Labramon digivolves to Bitmon to save the other DGDs from some Strabimon & defeat a Flybeemon.
  • Ep.4:Seafood War
>Otamamon digivolves to Ebidramon to stop a Mantaraymon from attacking the other aquatic Digimon & the DGDs.
  • Ep.5:Fight Fire w/ Fire
>Coronamon digivolves to Firamon to defend everyone from an angry Coatlmon.
  • Ep.6:Bombs,Arrows,& Kicks
>Lunamon digivolves to Rexmon to stop a Lynxmon that was accidentally disturbed while the DGDs walked past its cave.
  • Ep.7:Beware of Rotting Plants
>Takumo,Chris,Kyle,& their Digimon partners deal w/a bunch of Woodmon that are attacking them.
  • Ep.8:Flying Metallic Ungulates
>(cont. from Ep.5;they got separated)Karen,Haily,& their Digimon partners are being attacked by a Unimon.
  • Ep.9:A Ten-Year-Long Secret
>A Sepikmon(that the DGDs meet)tells about what happened to the Digi-World 10 years ago.Some Flymon heard it & reported it to Lilithmon.
  • Ep.10:Based on the Sky
>One of Lilithmon's "henchmen" had caught Takumo,Karen,Chris,& their partners.Kyle,Haily,& their partners go & save them.
  • Ep.11:Final Admonition
>A Phantomon attacks everyone & gives the DGDs an "admonition" about not to mess up w/ Lilithmon's(& the other 2 Demon Lords')plans.
  • Ep.12:According to the Parchment
>The same Sepikmon comes again,leads the DGDs into the forest,& tells them about the Six Divinity Prisms.
  • Ep.13:Grapple That Groundramon
>While Takumo is finding his prism,a Groundramon attacks him,& Grizzmon digivolves to GrappLeomon to save Takumo from Groundramon.
  • Ep.14:Feline Action
>Bitmon digivolves to Bastemon to stop a Brachimon from attacking Karen while she find her prism.
  • Ep.15:Avoid Being Electrocuted
>Unfortunately,Chris's prism is underwater,& when everyone dived into the water(some Hangyomon gave them scuba gear),a Dagomon attacked.Ebidramon digivolved to MegaSeaDramon & defeated it.
  • Ep.16:Heat Wave Extreme
>A DORUGuremon knocks Kyle down while retrieving his prism.Firamon digivolves to Flaremon to defeat it & save Kyle.
  • Ep.17:Nuova Luna
>A Wisemon attacks everyone while Haily finds her prism.Rexmon digivolves to Crescemon to defeat it,& surprisingly,Haily's prism was found in Wisemon's left sphere.
  • Ep.18:The Sea Monster in Controll
>Leviamon shows himself for the first time,& since none of the DGDs' partners can digivolve to Mega level,nobody was able to defeat it.
  • Ep.19:Beauty Prevails
>Same thing that happened in Ep.18,except it was Lilithmon who showed up.
  • Ep.20:World of Darkness
>Same thing again,except Barbamon showed up.
  • Ep.21:Nearly Revealed
>After having a conversation w/ her neighbor,H.T.,at the park,Haily suspects that he knows a little bit about their "plans".
  • Ep.22:Incoming Invasion
>Barbamon,Leviamon,& Lilithmon enter West Shinjuku & "invades" it.The DGDs held them off for a while.
  • Ep.23:Takumo's Specimen
>After a wild fight w/ a WaruMonzaemon,Takumo finds a piece of Gazimon fur & gives it to the DGDs.
  • Ep.24:Dance Destruction
>While Karen was having a ballet performance at the Central Pavillion,2 Mammon attacked everyone,but Bastemon took them down.
  • Ep.25:Definate Water Fear
>A MarinDevimon attacks everyone at some city swimming pool.Luckily,Chris was there watching his brother swim,& MegaSeaDramon defeated it.
  • Ep.26:Wind Doesn't Go w/ Fire
>Kyle & Flaremon fight a Wingdramon that was destroying most of the city.
  • Ep.27:Midnight Catfight
>A LadyDevimon was attacking at around 9 or 10 in the night.Haily went to check it out,& coincidentally,Crescemon & LadyDevimon ended up in a catfight[1].
  • Ep.28:Wild H.T. & Gazimon Chase
>As the DGDs go around the city searching for where Barbamon,Leviamon,& Lilithmons' hideout is,Haily & Lunamon end up chasing after H.T. & his partner,Gazimon.
  • Ep.29:A Fifty-fifty Party
>H.T. & Gazimon are caught between the Demon Lords & the DGDs & has no idea which party(Demon Lords or DGDs)to join.Gazimon attacks everyone,& the 2 of them disappear in a flash.
  • Ep.30:Unexpected Digivolutions
>The DGDs encounter H.T. again.Thinking that he was by himself,Bearmon & the others digivolved to Champion level & attacked H.T. Gazimon came out of nowhere & digivolved to Dobermon & retaliated.
  • Ep.31:Worst War Topic
>GrappLeomon & MegaSeadramon digivolve to Marsmon & Neptune to stop Leviamon from attacking a nearby district(& actually defeat him).
  • Ep.32:The Taunting Truth
>H.T. tells the DGDs everything that happened lately & asks if he can join them.
  • Ep.33:Evil Beauty
>Bastemon & Crescemon digivolve to Minervamon & Dianamon to defeat Lilithmon.
  • Ep.34:Three Heads Are Better Than One
>H.T. & Gazimon gave Kyle a "shock" when Dobermon digivolved to Cerberumon.
  • Ep.35:Swift Inferno
>Flaremon & Cerberumon digivolve to Apollomon & Merukimon & defeated Demon.
  • Ep.36:Three Down,One Left
>After 3/4 of the Demon Lords are defeated,the DGds plan on defeating Barbamon,but Barbamon was too strong.
  • Ep.37:The Power Within
>The DGDs discover that their prisms(don't know where H.T. got his)weren't "designed" to make their Digimon digivolve,but to help the DGDs defeat the Demon Lords.
  • Ep.38:Final Stand
>The DGDs give it another chance to take down Barbamon(w/ the help & power of their prisms),& he is finally defeated all 8 Palaces have been restored to peace & harmony.
  1. This is totally indirect.

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