(トカゲモン Tokagemon)
Title The Ultimate Being
Level Mega
Type Reptile
Attribute Data
Family Dragon´s Roar

Lizardmon is a Mega Level Reptile Digimon. Its power and skills are immense and can only be compared to those of its twin, the equally powerful Tuataramon. It is the strongest male Digimon and no matter what enemy it is facing, it will ultimately yield the power to defeat it. It carries a 100% pure Chrome Digizoid scepter with four sharp sections at both of its ends displayed vertically and horizontally that is also carried by its siblings. It specializes in fire, wind, earth and water and shakes the foundation of the Digital World no matter where, when or what it is fighting.


  • Fire Sphere: Focus all of its power into a huge orb of fire and then throws it at the opponent, completely destroying everything in its path.
  • Ultimate Tempest: Summons a powerful storm from which wind descend from the skies to cut enemies apart.
  • Mega Tsunami: Powers up a massive amount of water and launches it on its enemies with a vengeance.
  • Scale Storm: Blasts the ground with its tail and obliterates the opponent with a supermassive shower of scales coming from its body and a shockwave that propagates itself at the ground at the same time.
  • Elemental Four: Activates the four swords representing the elements of fire, earth, wind and water on its chest and materializes them which it then handles on its hands and feet. Then, it slashes two of them vertically and two horizontally simultaneously, creating what looks like a four pointed star-like attack which is then hurled at the foe with a strong tail swipe, destroying it upon contact.

Unison Attacks

  • Asterisk of the Elements: Combines its "Elemental Star" with that of its twin sister Tuataramon, forming an asterisk containing the power of all the elements both Digimon possess and launching it with a double tail swipe, sending any enemy to oblivion.
  • Union of the Great Four: Lizardmon, Tuataramon, Sauromon and Lacertiliamon fire a combined assault with all of their energy, generating a blast that no object can withstand and no living being can survive.