LoaderLiomon (Virus)
Level Ultimate
Type Machine
Beast Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms BlackLiamon
Next forms Regulumon
*w/ Grizzlymon
Duskmon (w/ Human Spirit of Darkness.)
Velgemon (w/ Beast Spirit of Darkness.)
Earnadramon/ Crawmon (w/ Human Spirit of Darkness + Beast Spirit of Darkness.)

LoaderLiomon is a Machine Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Loader and the Lion (Panthera leo). It was produced when corrupt CAD data for construction machinery leaked onto its server, then fused with the configuration data of BlackLiamon. Its mane has become a pneumatic drill, and it works primarily in tunnel construction and in the Chrome Digizoid mines. The Chrome Digizoid mines are often surrounded by a solid layer of bedrock, so it boasts both power and stamina, as well as top-class performance among Machine Digimon. Unfortunately, the corrupt data from which it was created causes it to act sporadically at times, occasionally destabilizing the very tunnels which it has created.


  • Boring Storm: Produces an attack through the extremely high-speed rotation of its mane.
  • Loader Morningstar: Strikes with the iron sphere on its tail.

Variations / Subspecies