look to the sky

one day a boy named kevin was sitting on a bench then suddenly a portal appeard in front of him and sucked him in meanwhile a girl named caroline was watching tv then a portal appeard it pulled caroline and her little sister julia  into it meanwhile in hungary a boy named laszlo was running in a feild a portal sucked him up.they all fell to the ground of the digital world a digimon named jumpmon bounced over to kevin and said"hi kevin i am jumpmon"

another digimon went to laszlo and said "hi i am chickmon" then a digimon called puppymon said to julia and said "i am puppymon" then a digimon went to caroline and said"i am cricetomon" then a cyclonemon attacked them the children saw 4 ribbons of light then 4 of the original digivices land in their hands so the digimon digivolve then jumpmon digivolves to glidemon "jumpmon digivolve to ... ...glidemon" chickmon digivolves to owlmon "chickmon digivolve to ... ... owlmon" puppymon digivolves to woofmon " puppymon digivolve to ... ... woofmon" cricetomon digivolve to meerkatmon " cricetomon digivolve to ... ... meerkatmon glidemon says "energy strike" an shot a blue beam with a red orb inside owlmon says "tornado burst"

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