Title The Dark General of the Royal Four
Level Mega
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire

Appearing as a towering figure of dark flesh and metal LordTyrannomon was created by a being known as the Digimon King. It is a sympathetic Digimon who, despite its terrifying appearance, tends to those under its care with the utmost kindness. Its genius and tactics are second to none, and it fights with all its might for the terrifying being known as the Digimon King and its goals.

Though its power as a mega is not high, it can plan and implement strategies in less than a second and it is said that its mechanical eye reveals to it the weakness of anyone in its sight.

It rumoured that long ago, it was a DarkTyrannomon who like all of its kind was lost to the madness of the virus which ravaged its body. Upon meeting with the Digimon King, it was cured by the power of the Dark Area and swore its service to the King.

Despite its nature as a virus attribute, its time as a DarkTyrannomon taught it sympathy for others in the same state. To that end it is said that it will come to the aid of those who are being used and manipulated -- even if they are of the Vaccine attribute. It would like very much to stop the fighting between Digimon all together but is bound by its oath to the Digimon King to lead his armies.


  • Eternal Flame: Shifts its right arm into a cannon and unleashes great blast of energy after a short charge-up period. It can lengthen the period of charge to increase the power of the blast.
  • Dark Surge: Opens its mouth and expels a blast of dark energy which sweeps over enemies and blinds as well as harms them.
  • Electro-Fist: It infuses its metal arm with electric and strikes with the full power of machine-driven muscles.]