Lords of the Six Paths
(六道大王 Rikudō Daiō)
General information
Founder: GranDracmon
Leader: GranDracmon
Intentions: Domination of all worlds

The Lords of the Six Paths (also known as the Lords of the Six Realms, Jap. 六道大王, Rikudō Daiō) are a group of six powerful Digimon. The group is modeled after the six buddhist paths of reincarnation: Deva/Heaven Path, Human Path, Asura Path, Animal Path, Preta/Hungry Ghost Path and Naraka/Hell Path. Each of the members holds sovereignity over one of the paths and thus represents that path.

  • Deva Path (天道, Tendō) is the highest realm, a realm of bliss and pleasure. However, those living in this realm are blinded and made prideful by their own blissful existence and are still bound to the cycle of Karma.
  • Human Path (人道, Nindō) is the realm of everyday humans, and contains both good and evil. In this realm, enlightment and release from the cycle of Karma is within the grasp of those within it, but most are blinded by their desires.
  • Asura Path (阿修羅道, Ashuradō) is a realm of anger, jealousy and war. It is inhabited by demigodly beings that are half good, half evil and is in a state of constant war.
  • Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō) is the realm of animals, and is characterized by the lack of intelligence and mindless servitude.
  • Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō) is a realm inhabited by spirits that are eternally hungry and eternally crave for satiation they cannot reach.
  • Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō) is the lowest and worst of all the realms. Beings in it are in a state of eternal torture, and it is filled with hatred and aggression.


Digimon Path
TenKitsumon f
Deva Path (天道, Tendō)
Bagramon b
Human Path (人道, Nindō)
Lucemon Chaos Mode b
Lucemon Chaos Mode
Asura Path (阿修羅道, Ashuradō)
Armageddemon b
Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō)
Apocalymon t
Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō)
GranDracmon b
Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō)

All members of the Lords are classified as Mega-Levels, with the exception of Lucemon Chaos Mode who is Ultimate-Level and Bagramon who has no Level. Additionally, TenKitsumon and Armageddemon are classified as Exceed-class Digimon due to the fact that they are further evolutions of Mega-Level Digimon (ShinKitsumon and Diaboromon, respectively). Amongst the Lords, the order of power from strongest to weakest goes as follows: TenKitsumon, GranDracmon, Bagramon, Lucemon, Apocalymon, Armageddemon. However, GranDracmon holds the position of leader because TenKitsumon is an uncaring being and rarely interferes with the matters of those he considers unworthy.


The Lords of the Six Paths are the main villains in Digimon Soul Star Sagas Part II: Falling Stars. They try to take over all worlds, and have started collecting the souls of Digimon for their own use. They also have access to a mysterious and dangerous power source known as the Source Z. When used, it is capable of forcibly digivolving a Digimon into a monstrous form.

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