The first in a series, written by the Digimon Wisemon, of many detailing the endless struggle between good and evil. The chaos that ensues will end the lives of any who dares to cross in the path of Lilithmon. But the real question is: Is Lilithmon really the one in charge, or is there somebody far more evil than her? Only time shall tell...


NOTE: Due to the extensive length of my chronicles, I will stop posting the individual chapters here upon posting chapter 51. I will instead leave links to the chapters on my account. I will still be uploading pages of my fanmade Digimon, however.

Chapter 1: Prologue - A Prelude to Destiny

Chapter 2: The Darkness Reborn

Chapter 3: Fateful Encounter

Chapter 4: Respite in Battle

Chapter 5: Blood Runs Red

Chapter 6: Distorted Spirit of light

Chapter 7: Duel in the Diner

Chapter 8: Assault in the Night

Chapter 9: Prison Break

Chapter 10: Shades of Evil

Chapter 11: Red-Eyed Glare

Chapter 12: Lachesis

Chapter 13: The Knights Have Arrived

Chapter 14: Their Request

Chapter 15: The Man in the Forest

Chapter 16: Another Caller of Spirits

Chapter 17: Grim Reunion

Chapter 18: Flames of Vengeance

Chapter 19: Bandit Raid

Chapter 20: Next to be Lost

Chapter 21: Temporary HQ

Chapter 22: Saias's Villa

Chapter 23: The Dread of Night

Chapter 24: Braig's Laboratory

Chapter 25: Human No Longer

Chapter 26: Bio Hybrid Fight

Chapter 27: Night of Farewells

Chapter 28: Shattered Life

Chapter 29: Victoria

Chapter 30: One Survives

Chapter 31: The Rapist

Chapter 32: Midnight Confessions

Chapter 33: False Information

Chapter 34: Kinship's Bond

Chapter 35: Origin's End

Chapter 36: The Grieving Heart

Chapter 37: Anguish

Chapter 38: The Mark

Chapter 39: Unforgiveable Sin

Chapter 40: Fate Unstoppable

Chapter 41: In Death, She Finally Exists

Chapter 42: Loved for Who She Is

Chapter 43: Stalking Menace

Chapter 44: His Name was John

Chapter 45: Onwards to the Sunken City

Chapter 46: The Golden Digivice

Chapter 47: Beneath the Surface

Chapter 48: On Behalf of All Life

Chapter 49: When Knights Fall

Chapter 50: Requiem for the Fallen

Chapter 51: Life Returns

Chapter 52: Beneath a New Light

Chapter 53: A Chat Amongst Friends

Chapter 54: In the Flesh

Chapter 55: The Body in the Burlap

Chapter 56: The Skeleton King

Chapter 57: The Celestial Vanguard

Chapter 58: Romancing the Stone

Chapter 59: Crimson Lightning and Golden Flames

Chapter 60: Belphemon Awakens

Chapter 61: The Phantom Unleashed

Chapter 62: The Medallion Calls

Chapter 63: Nameless Challenger

Chapter 64: From Love Comes Hidden Strength

Chapter 65: Bloodlust

Chapter 66: Lost Heart

Chapter 67: Courage and Beauty

Chapter 68: The Mask of King Earh

Chapter 69: The Cursed Woods

Chapter 70: Conflicting Forces

Chapter 71: The Diadem of Spiritual Balance

Chapter 72: Suppressed Rage

Chapter 73: Stolen Horcruxes

Chapter 74: Light and Darkness

Chapter 75: Sunrise

Chapter 76: Black Rose Mountains

Chapter 77: Reunion of the Fallen

Chapter 78: Strength of Heart

Chapter 79: Bandit Witch

Chapter 80: Demon Beast

Chapter 81: Disobedience

Chapter 82: A Dire Return

Chapter 83: Gathering Information

Chapter 84: The Gate to the Dark Area

Chapter 85: The Twelfth Joins In

Chapter 86: The Hydra's Advance

Chapter 87: Linoan

Chapter 88: Into the Realm of Darkness

Chapter 89: Landslide

Chapter 90: Land of Ice

Chapter 91: City of Dread

Chapter 92: Doomed to the Darkness

Chapter 93: Elegy of Linoan

Chapter 94: Wisemon the Seer

Chapter 95: Sword of the Storm

Chapter 96: Welcome to my Nightmare

Chapter 97: Blood and Thunder

Chapter 98: Time of Action

Chapter 99: Echoes from the Crypt

Chapter 100: Creature of the Light

Chapter 101: True Emotions

Chapter 102: Lucemon's Decision

Chapter 103: Andromon Joins

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