Lucemon Dream Mode is an Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Lucifer, the angelic name of Satan, with "Luce" (Ita: "Light") and "Dream" as a reference to that name. It has the appearance of a child


  • Rookie


  • Angel


  • Vaccine
  • Virus Busters


  • Grand Cross: Fires ten super-heated spheres of light arranged in a cruciform syzygy, a technique more powerful than Seraphimon's "Strike of the Seven Stars".
  • Inferno Blast (酒ブレス Sake Breath?): Gets the opponent completely drunk by intoxicating them with its alcohol-laden breath.
  • Emerald Blaze (Hellfire): Spews a red-hot jet of flames.
  • Thorn Jab: (Thousand Spike): Stabs its tail into the ground, causing vines to burst from the earth and entangle its foes.

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