Level Mega
Type Evil Angel God
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Fanglongmon's Date + Magnadramon's and Seraphimon's Date with corruptive codes of Millenniummon


The pictures are edits by me and the background story was created by me and my friends, more coming soon! your DarkGatomon.

The name Lucisferremon comes from the well know Angel Lucifer. It is the full name Lucis of light and Ferre for bringer or messenger, so the name means Messenger or Bringer of Light (Lightbringer). In the bible Lucisferremon was the first Angel and was made perfect but his arrogance was endless course of this. course the perfect his power was much higher as of them all but at the end he was beaten up and banned out heaven into hell.

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