Level Champion
Type Cyborg
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Gremlinmon
Next forms Bolshevikmon

Ludditemon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter, and is the Champion form of Gremlinmon.

Ludditemon appears as a more adult version of his previous form, though he now has several cybernetic parts on his body and carries a large hammer as his weapon of choice. Having the mischievous nature gone, Ludditemon is a more serious character who values independence in any battle. It is not to say that he has forgotten his loyalty to those he calls his comrades, as he would rather die defending them than have them hurt at all.


  • Industrial Beaker: A huge amount of energy began to surround the hammer, dyeing it in the glow of a bright orange. When the hammer is swung, a burst of powerful energy is unleashed that can knock the target into the ground.
  • Gadget Barricade: Summons a huge wall of linked gears from the earth to protect either himself or his allies from physical attacks.


  • A Luddite was a member of a social movement of textile artisans against the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century. They would use hammers to destroy the factory equipment.