Title The Ultimate Good
Level Super Ultimate
Type Lunar Incarnation
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area

Lunarismon is a Lunar Incarnation Digimon created from pure darkness. Yet, Lunarismon is best known as "The Ultimate Good" despite this. Lunarismon is shunned by other hero Digimon such as Angemon or Greymon, but are surprised to find something strange about it: While staring at the sun can cause serious health problems, staring at the moon does not. Hence, Lunarismon heals those around him with his presence and not harm them at all. His entire being serves as a lesson, in that the battle between Light and Dark is truly blind as to who is really Good and who is really Evil. Lunarismon is a Digimon of pure darkness, not a single trace of light, and even the destroyer of light at times, but can only appear night due to his skin being highly sensitive to the burning rays of light of the sun, the only thing that seem to harm him at all. Darkness is something that exists naturally, not created, as light is the true destroyer and not the other way around. Some say because of the extremes him and his brother Solarismon represent, it makes them feel like they're from some backwards world where elements are aligned differently, but alas, it is the truth that Lunarismon and his brother originate from this universe. He serves as the incarnation of the God of Darkness also from this universe, designed in his own image as well. His design is meant to have a softer and rounder look to it compared to the sharp and pointy Solarismon.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Lunarismon is a version exclusive to Cobalt Version where Solarismon is a version exclusive to Bronze Version. Both can only be encountered if the save file of another game is detected in the system memory, a game project that also happens to be in the same continuity as B/C, and is where the two beings that inspired Lunarismon and Solarismon originate from. In a way, due to how they are unlocked, they are technically password Digimon. Lunarismon's signature trait is to heal all allies on the field by 1/5th HP every turn, compared to Solarismon's ability harming all Digimon on the field by 1/4th HP damage every turn. This trait is cancelled out if Solarismon is an opposing Digimon.