Level Rookie
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters
Next forms Zunamon

Lunemon is a rookie Digimon that's name is based off of luna and design is off of a Timber Wolf, Red Fox and minorly Garurumon. It is often rumored as and considered a Garurumon subspecies.


  • Lune Blast: Lunemon attacks with its claws and makes a energy blast.
  • Baby Slash
  • Flare Light: Lunemon flashes a large fire infront of the opponent thus temporarily blinding them for Lunemon to run away.


Lunemon stands on all fours. It has a blue gray pelt with a black underbelly, paws,under tail and ears. It's paws wield large, long, claws which are made of a hard platinum metal mix. It's left leg also bears the same platinum metal mix with claws longer and less natural, more fitting for destroying, despite that it is a very calm and nice creature only baring it for having so many natural enemies.

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