Lyudmila Arzmastsev is a character in "Digimon : The Golden Digivice".

Lyudmila "Lullaby" Arzmastsev

Lullaby RW

Lullaby DW

Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Digivice(s):Emerald Fusion Loader
Age (Fr:) 19
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Occupation Tamer


Lyudmila, known as Lullaby, is a mysterious young woman. She is shy and fearful. Lullaby is often compared with a Laylamon.

Lullaby was Hans' big sister's best friend and she admired her because she was a great Tamer. But when her best friend died, Lullaby was so desperate as a malefic strength coming from the Digital World seized her and made her pass in the other world. Controlled by these darkness, she began to sow the terror all around the Digital World. A few years later, she met the DigiDestined and fought them, but she lost and her partner, TigerVespamon, resumed to FanBeemon. After that, according to her meetings with the DigiDestined, Lullaby's spirit released itself little by little from the darkness which were controlling her. She was completely freed from the influence of the darkness only when Liz, because she did not manage to pronounce her name, called her "Lylu", as her best friend did before dying.

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