Next forms Mash-Upped MachTyrannomon
* (w/ Drimogemon, Tuskmon, Missimon, Wendigomon, Grass Zone's Code Crown, Cosmo Stone)

MachTyrannomon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mach speed" and "Tyrannomon". It is similar in appearance and ability to MadTyrannomon, except that it is armed with Olegmon's pair of axes, "Dual Tomahawk".


  • Super Sonic Slash: Dances quickly around foe while stabbing with Olegmon's Dual Tomahawk axes.
  • Dual Tomahawk Boomerang

Variations / Subspecies

Mash-Upped MachTyrannomon

Mash-Upped MachTyrannomon
(マッシュアップドマッハティラノモン MachTyranomon)
Prior forms MachTyrannomon + Drimogemon + Tuskmon + Missimon + Wendigomon + Grass Zone's Code Crown + Cosmo Stone

Mash-Upped MachTyrannomon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from the term "Mash Up", and MachTyrannomon. It is MachTyrannomon who has absorbed Drimogemon, Tuskmon, Missimon, Wendigomon, the Grass Zone's Code Crown, as well as the Cosmo Stone, gaining the power of the Zone at the cost of its life. It has Tuskmon's horns on its back, and the pants that is made of fur of Wendigomon's data, Drimogemon's drills covering its body and boasts immense defense and strength.

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