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Machine Empire
General information
Founder: King Drasil
Leader: King Drasil (current)
Bombmon (temporarily)
Fuujinmon & Crusadermon (temporarily)
Intentions: To take over the Human World & probably to enslave or destroy the human race
Appearances: Digimon Zeo

The Machine Empire (マシンエンパイア Mashin'enpaia?) is a massive race of mechanical Digimon, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry. Possessing countless Hagurumon, Quadrafighters, & Digimon, the Machine Empire have already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It is when the Empire arrive on Earth that they finally encounter a foe capable of repelling their forces, the DigiDestined. Numerous Digimon from the Empire perish at the DigiDestined's hands before King Drasil himself takes to the battlefield & is destroyed by SuperZeomon.

It is during Drasil's absence that the Empire is led by Bombmon, a renegade robot Digimon created by Tactimon & Lilithmon. Bombmon means well, but squanders the Empire's forces, & is eventually overthrown by Drasil & QueenChessmon's eldest son, Fuujinmon, & his wife, Crusadermon. The two lead the Machine Empire against the DigiDestined rather well, initiating a massive, all-out invasion on Tokyo. After this invasion fails, King Drasil returns, causing Fuujinmon & Crusadermon to flee. When the Royal House of Gadgetry are later destroyed by Lilithmon & Tactimon, the Machine Empire goes into a period of inactivity, useless without the Royal House to lead it.


King Drasil

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