(ムゲンドラモン Mugendramon)
Machinedramon t

Machinedramon was the commander of Guardian Army group stationed in the Metal Zone who use the Digimon they imprisoned to stay in the prison block. He has a berserker personality prone to raging, so his subordinate LoaderLiomon tries to use Digimon they enslaved to dig up the area's Code Crown. He is a cruel, insane, angry and smart antagonist with a rudish mentality.


Machinedramon keeps eating old junkyard cars, metallic materials, and pieces of iron make his body more powerful, and is keep looking for good "foods." However, before using his Giga Cannon attack, his body becomes surrounded by blue flaming aura. Meanwhile, his right arm becomes a electromagnetic.


In other forms

Much like MetaLeomon, SkullLeomon, and Experiment 627, Machinedramon can absorb his soldiers to became more powerful.


File:Himachinedramon .jpg

Machinedramon absorbs two Tankmon, three Pteramon, four Troopmon, five MetalTyrannomon, two Mekanorimon, several Chikurimon, and several Missimon.


Machinedramon absorbs several Rhinomon, ten Hagurumon, two Bulbmon, five DarkTyrannomon, two Mammothmon, several Mekanorimon, five Triceramon and six Kokuwamon to achieve this form, growing in size, and causing his armor to turn navy blue with two cannons on his chest.