Type Undead
Next forms DriMadGarurumon
* (w/ Drimogemon, Chikurimon, Troopmon, Kokuwamon, Triceramon, Pteramon, Mammothmon)

MadGarurumon is an Undead Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mad Garurumon". It is similar in appearance and ability to WereGarurumon, but unlike WereGarurumon, he has a traits of Ogremon and he carries a mace "Solar Mace" is swung by his indomitable muscles.


  • Fallen Blaster (Fallen Fox Fire): Blasts out a green flame thrower from its mouth that burns its surroundings to nothing.
  • Heat Mace (lit. "Superheated Weck"?): Whacks enemies with his club.
  • Fallen Wolf Claw: The claws on both of its hands contain a deadly venom that causes decay.


Prior forms MadGarurumon + Drimogemon + Chikurimon + Troopmon + Kokuwamon + Triceramon + Pteramon + Mammothmon

DriMadGarurumon is a form of MadGarurumon created when it absorbs other Digimon, growing in size as well as gaining armor covered with drills, a buzzsaw on its right arm, and a giant glove on its left.