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A fan Digimon created by JBolbotowski1.

MadLiamon is an Undead Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mad Liamon", who is similar in appearance and ability to MadLeomon.

It is a berserker who lost its intelligence and enhanced its combat instinct. Although it was originally a Lion Digimon, it heaped modification upon modification and arrived at its current appearance. In the process, its consciousness vanished, and it became nothing more than a puppet that defeats those standing before it, as it is commanded. Because it doesn't act or think according to its natural instincts, it exhibits headlong assaults, heedless even of any traps or gadgets. Although it is fundamentally high-powered, its patterns are meager, with nothing but primitive attacks such as hitting and kicking. Nevertheless, caution is necessary, because its sharp claws bear a deadly poison which can cause anything to rot away.


  • Demon of King: Charges and then fires a dark energy in the shape of a lion's face, which bites the flesh off of those standing in its way as it flies through them.
  • Deadly Strike: When used, a skeletal being emerges from its body and single-mindly goes after the opponent at any cost.
  • Toxic Barrage: Shoots its claws from both fingertips in the manner of machine gun.
  • Venom Storm: Unleashes and fires a barrage of green acids from its chest.
  • Acid Waste: Spits it out as a green, venomous, acidic sludge at the opponent.
  • Acid Breath: Spits it out as an extremely high-temperature, high-pressure, green laser.

MadLiamon Armed Mode

MadLiamon Armed Mode is an Undead Digimon whose name and design are derived from "MadLiamon Armed Mode". It is the "Weapon-frenzy Mode" (凶器乱舞形態 Kyoukiranbu Keitai?) of MadLiamon, who gave itself a buzzsaw as well as even more modifications. Due to its repeated modifications and unbalanced chainsaw, intense pain is always running through its body, enraging Mad Liamon. Because it is unable to stay still, due to its pain, it sees anything reflected in its eyes as an enemy, and attacks.


  • Tremor Saw: Rampages and pierces the ground with its buzzsaw, creating fissures which swallow the opponent. The appearance of the torn and broken ground, caused when MadLiamon Armed Mode's destructive impulses come to the surface, is the very embodiment of its mind.
  • Demon Gust

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