Level Rookie
Type Dragon
Attribute Data

Magdramon is a Dragon Digimon whose name and design is derived from "Magma". It's appearance is heavily inspired by Guilmon, albeit blue, and with white horns in place of ears. The mark drawn on its abdomen, hands, and feet, resembles an inverted "Triforce", possibly signifying royalty.


  • Magma Blast: Fires a stream of orange and red magma from his mouth.

Other forms


Rawrmon is Magdramon's Fresh form.

His name is derived from the slang term for "Roar". Like all Fresh Digimon, he possesses no limbs. His round body is blue, and he has red eyes and round stumps in place of horns.


  • Spit Fire: Fires harmless yellow bubbles from his mouth.


DemiMagdramon is Magdramon's In-Training form.

DemiMagdramon's appearance is very similar to Gigimon, except blue, and horns in place of ears.


  • Boom Fire: "Sneezes" a burning, boomerang-like projectile from his nose.


Moltenmon is Magdramon's Champion form.

Moltenmon's name is derived from "Molten". His appearance resembles that of an unarmored Flamedramon, with three horns on his head. He wears training braces on both his hands and feet, as well as tattered, green pants. The inverted Triforce appears to have disappeared from his chest.


  • Acid Claw: Scratches opponents with his claws, burning them.


IronVeemon is the Ultimate form of Magdramon.

IronVeemon has a similar physiology to Moltenmon, with his clothing being replaced by scrap-metal armor. He wears a metal shield on his head, with only one eye-hole. Wrapped around his chest, in an "X" shape, are two continuous chains. On his shoulders are two "Digimon Crossing" signs with a Guilmon silhouette. His left arm is armed with a cannon, while his right wears a metal gauntlet with spiked knuckles, and bandages going up the arm. The green pants are now tight-black, with a skull belt. His legs are now garbed in metal boots, with the inverted Triforce on the knees. Attached to his back are tattered, metal wings.


  • Zenith Flare: Launches a barrage of fire from his cannon.


Kadmon is Magdramon's Mega form.

His name is derived from the Greek prince "Cadmus". Like IronVeemon, Kadmon resembles Moltenmon, with his helmet now being white. His armor has now been upgraded to white with gold trimmings. On chest plate is the inverted Triforce, and the words "Dragon" and "Blood" written in DigiCode. Attached to the plate is a flowing, red cape. The cannon has been removed, and both hands are now clad in gauntlets with his insignia. Attached to his belt are a red loincloth, and a broadsword.


  • Pyromanic Slash: Kadmon swings his sword, sending a wall of fire at his opponents.