MagnaAngemon "Sephiroth"
MagnaAngemon Digimon Classic
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance TBA (Planned for debut in Chapter 2, role unknown)

"Let my plans be known... I corrupted many Digimon during my conquest of the Digital World... For I, Eaglemon, have no regrets for any of those I have turned into my minions....... All except for one... That one I never speak of again... The corruption that went too....... Right..."


MagnaAngemon is mysterious and vague if anything else. He prefers to keep to himself; preferring deep periods of isolation from everything else to exist. Whenever MagnaAngemon DOES decide to show up, however, is when things become serious. All the comedic moments swiftly end, death and despair chasing down all those who oppose him, guilty of their heroic efforts to stop him, or simply innocent lives who were in the way. Even if he has no orders given to him, he will be somewhere, hunting down and slaughtering his targets until nothing remains; no evidence is left to track him in any case, and any witnesses are swiftly cut down brutally. His harsh treatment of the innocent and guilty is pretty much the exact opposite of what his species normally would be in any other case. He is the sole survivor of the Angemon race, and few other holy Digimon remain in sight to potentially stop MagnaAngemon's murderous intentions. To say MagnaAngemon is to be feared and respected is an understatement; he is to NEVER be respect, by anybody for that matter, and he is to solely be feared, for nowhere will a Digimon go but their own deaths when MagnaAngemon sets them as his target. The fact he never speaks, or even has audible breathing, makes it all the more creepier to try and hide from this guy when all you hear is the metallic sounds of his boots walking on the ground. His helmet is designed with the intention of completely drowning out any other background sound, and it works like a charm since even his own allies fear him beyond all others. Nobody knows for sure how exactly Eaglemon had succeeded in getting MagnaAngemon on his side, but given how that's his ONLY regret in terms of his villainous actions, nobody in their right mind would probably even want to know what exactly happened within the first moments of MagnaAngemon joining the side of evil.....

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