Lupus is one of the Digimon characters in "Digimon : The Golden Digivice".

MagnaGarurumon b
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Partner(s):Hans Hirsch
Elizabeth Maze
Gender Male


Lupus is a very powerful MagnaGarurumon. His name means "wolf" in latin. He originally was Hans' big sister's partner, along with Lykos, but when she died, he stayed in the Digital World and waited for the day when Hans would be ready to become his new Tamer. Strangely, a few times after he degenerated to BeoWolfmon, it's Liz who made him digivolve to MagnaGarurumon again. Lupus and Lykos agree on the fact that she may be some kind of second Tamer for them.


  • Starburst Hunter: Dashes forward, and surrounds himself in an aura of light as he crashes into the opponent. Only used when he drops his armor and weapons.
  • Feral Fire: Leaps into the air, propelling himself forward while raining a wave of gunfire blasts down on the enemy below. Can be fired in one shot bursts from his "Sniper Phantom" or as a machine gun in his "Strike Phantom"
  • Magna Missiles: Consecutive missiles are launched at the opponent. Can be fired from either his flying unit, "Sniper Phantom", or "Strike Phantom".

Other Forms

During the story, Lupus takes three different forms.


KendoGarurumon t


Lupus takes this form when he has no more energy.


  • Lupine Laser: Shoots a beam of energy from its mouth.
  • Howling Star: Uses the "Wing Blades" on its back to slice apart the enemy.


BeoWolfmon b


Lupus resumes to this form when he is very weakened.


  • Frozen Hunter: Raises its saber forming a giant wolf of light energy, and then takes a slash that is faster than the eye can see.
  • Cleansing Light: Fires missiles and a laser at its opponents.
  • Beo Saber: Uses the Beo Saber to attack its opponent.

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