Level Champion
Type Demon Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Yamimon
Next forms Manticoremon

MalRyumon is the Champion form of Yamimon, and a Demon Beast Type Digimon. It has the ability to cuse anyone to forget things, but nothing too important. It also has an instinctual fear of Knightmon.


MalRyumon is quite the polar opposite of its relative, SantoRyumon. It supports a more westernized dragon look, walking about on four legs and having a set of leathery wings. It still wears the tattered and frayed robe it wore as a Yamimon, only now the colors have changed. Instead of being purple sleeves and a crimson torso, the sleeves are crimson with purple twisting patterns (like smoke), and the torso is black with twisting crimson patterns (again, like smoke). Its scales are a deep onyx color, and its eyes are an acidic green, with yellow irises and black slit-pupils. It still wears the skeletal mask, only now the snout has elongated to accommodate its own larger muzzle, but it only covers the top half of its head.


  • Skull Buster - Charges at an opponent with its head and rams them
  • Viral Flame - Engulfs the foe in black fire that corrupts any data that isn't vaccinated
  • Byte Basher - Hits the opponent with claws charged with darkness to try to disrupt their data


  • "Mal" is French, and it means "evil" or just plain "bad"
  • "Ryu" is Japanese, meaning "dragon"