Level Mega
Type Wizard
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms NeoDevimon

Malusmon is an Wizard Digimon whose name is derived from "(Lat: Evil). It is an extremely powerful Digimon, capable to wiping out Megas with single attacks. It also controls all of the elements, but its main attribute is darkness which is uses with great strength. Although it is powerful, it possesses a charming personality. However it is only kind to its allies, and extremely diabolical to its enemies. It won't use brute force, although it could and will if it must. It prefers to draw out its victims' suffering by using mind tricks and illusions. It is unknown where this mysterios Digimon got all of its power, and it will probably stay that way.


  • Attribute Bomb: Combines all of the elements and launches the result as a large destructive wave.
  • Dark Magic: Uses its incredible magical power to create either a wave or streams of dark energy and fires them at the opponent.
  • Triangle Beam: Creates a triangular beam of light and launches at the opponent.
  • Torrent Spirit: Calls upon large waves of destruction.
  • Infernal Wave: Creates fiery energy to attack the opponent in many ways.
  • Typhoon Tempest: Calls upon storms and jets of wind.
  • Gaia Force: Manipulates the earth in many ways, always landing fatal blows.