(マンモン Mammon)
Mammothmon t
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Liam Kansun

Mammothmon is a fictional character & Digimon from the fanfictional series Digimon Mighty Squadron.


  • Tusk Crusher (Tusk Strikes): Skewers the opponent with its two elongated tusks.
  • Freezing Breath (Tundra Breath): Spews cold breath from its long trnk uall at once, instantly freezing any opponent.


Its body forms the back & arms of DinoOmnimon & BattleCoredramon. The head can be utilized as a shield. Alone it can fire frigid blasts of cold air & mist at enemies, temporarily freezing them.

Other Forms


Liamon b


Liamon is the Thunder Digivolved form of Mammothmon. Seraphimon explains that Liamon has "courage & strength". It does not share the same abilities as Mammothmon, but it is given greater power & defense.

Liamon is part of the Thunder Digimon Assault Team, making up the forward component of the chariot. Liamon will serve as the arms, the torso, & helmet for ThunderOmnimon. Also, Liamon can combine with the other Thunder Digimon & WhiteTigerVespamon to make the WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode, with Liamon forming the shoulder pads & back.


  • Thunder of King: Charges and then releases electricity generated in its mane.
  • Critical Strike: Reliably aims at the opponent's vitals with its fangs.