Level Ultimate
Type Demon Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers

Dark Area

Prior forms MalRyumon
Next forms Phenexmon / Thorndramon (DNA Digivolve + Shinedramon)

Manticoremon is an Ultimate level Demon Beast Digimon, and also the Ultimate level of Yamimon. It sleeps beneath the roots of ancient trees, and has a cool temperament, but also has no mercy for its enemies. It is said that it sings to itself while it devours the Digi-Core of his fallen opponents.


Manticoremon has the head of a regal dragon, but the body of a black lion and the tail of a scorpion. It also has wings covered in scales made of Black Digizoid. The skull mask of its predecessors has integrated into its face, and now it has a skull-esque helm. Its four paws have blood red claws, which have the ability to rip through most defenses.


  • Doom Aria - Sings the song it sings while eating its foes, driving the opponent mad
  • Dark Intravenous - Injects the foe with dark venom using its scorpion stinger
  • Blood Rend - Tears at the foe using its red claws
  • Dark Maw - Chomps down on the foe with its draconic fangs