Level Mega
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Wind Guardians
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Dinorexmon

Mapumon is one of the most powerful digimon. The name is delivered from the dinosaur Mapusaurus. Like Dinorexmon it carries X-antibodies. It is said in legend thst Mapumon was one of the great legends that protected the digital world a long time ago, and can be revived if a Dinorexmon and his partner found there true bond. Unlike most dinosaur digimon, Mapumon can breath and swim in water and as well as fly in the air using physic powers.


  • Ultimate dinosaur cannon: Shoots out (of his mouth) a blue fire beam
  • Jurrasic fury: Turns blue and barges into the enemy
  • Natures spirit: Turns green and heals anything in sight
  • Time unniverse: Glows multiple colours and then powers a lot of energy to it's mouth, and then fires the energy

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