Maria Kudou
(Kudou Maria)
Zoe Orimoto t
Appears in:Super Digimon Xros Wars
First appearance "A New Xros Heart is born" [01]
Voice actor(s):Bridget Hoffman
Age 10
Date of birth February 4th
Grade 5th
Gender Female
Known relatives Taiki Kudou father, Akari Kudou mother, Ian Kudou Older brother
Nationality Japanese Jp flag
Aliases Nami

Maria is Ian's younger sister. Maria is only the 5th grade. She just began 5th grade when the series began. She is only 2 years younger then Ian. Maria sometimes has some problems with her brother's imagination. Her best friend is CeCe Amano. Maria can play the keyboard. Her favorite sport is soccer she also enjoys swimming. CeCe sometimes calls her "Nami" (In Japanese that means "ocean wave"). She is often the peacemaker of the army. Her partner is Gatomon. Her real name is "Naminé" and her middle name is "Maria" but she doesn't like anyone to know. She told Ian to never tell anyone but she trusts Gatomon with her secret. In season 2 when their summer vacation begins, the town is attacked by 1 of the Digital Knights using Omnimon's DigiMemory, Ian is sent back, and later Jeri is sent to the Digital World. Maria and CeCe stay in the human world.


  • Despite the fact she and Jeri Hikari share the same voice actress Maria has a slight lower pitch then Jeri.
  • Her full name is "Maria Naminé Kudou" but her REAL name is "Naminé Maria Kudou"

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