Marianne Armstrong
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Data Squad: The Legendary Dragon Fire
Digivice(s):Golden and Purple Digivice Burst with Grey ring and Lime Green screen
Age 18
Date of birth March 13
Gender Female
Known relatives Unnamed aunt
Unnamed godfather
Unnamed cousin
Nationality Half-American, Half-Japanese
Occupation The Dark Insect Priestess


Marianne is an outgoing girl with long straight dark-golden hair that reaches her waist with a black devil headband, and amethyst violet eyes. She is 178 cm tall and has pale cream skin. Because of her surname, she can be very irritated when someone ask if she’s related to Neil Armstrong.

File:Marianne's Digivice Burst.png

Meeting Her Digimon(s)

Marianne met FanBeemon as Pupumon when the Digital Incident in the Digital World started 10 years before the Data Squad series. Pupumon escaped from the incident and appeared in the Human World and found Marianne sitting in her aunt’s garden in New York after Marianne’s parents died in an accident. 10 years later, Marianne received a Digivice Burst from Kurata when he offered her to join forces with him against the ex-DATS team.

In Digimon Data Squad

Coming Soon

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