Marie Baldwin
File:Tamer Marie.png
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Tamers: Infection
Age 15
Date of birth January 26
Grade 9th
Gender Female
Known relatives Christopher (Chris) Baldwin
Nationality American with German heritage. Us flag
Occupation Student


Digimon Tamers: Infection

Marie is the first main character met in Digimon Tamers: Infection and is owned by User:MahoInu

Marie is quick tempered and easily angered. Most of her friends say that when they first met her they were too scared to even sit next to her, but once they hung out with her and got to know her, they found out she was actually a nice person. Marie's best-friend is another DigiDestined named Carrol. The two met in their 6th grade art class and bonded over the love of anime and music.

Even though the hat Marie wears is a wolf hat, for some reason or another she prefers fox Digimon like Renamon, over wolf Digimon like Garurumon.

Marie's only friends during the summer were the Digimon in her Digimon World: Dusk game. She would spend hours playing it, and when she wasn't playing it she was thinking about playing it. Her favorite Digimon was, of course, Renamon. While she was playing her game, the screen turned to white static then a black egg shape appeared on the screen. It said "It's time, choice your digital partner." then returned to the digiconvert screen. She choice Renamon and then was blinded by a bright light, when she opened her eyes her DS had an egg on the top screen. Marie couldn't change the screen, game or turn off her DS so she hooked it into her computer to make sure it stayed charged. She had planed to take it to the shop and get it fixed the next day, but when she woke up the DS had turned into a Digivice. Not only that but the Digiegg that was on it had changed color and hatched. Marie doesn't meet Vixenmon until that night, when she's walking home and walks into a Digital Field where Vixenmon is fighting Devidramon. She realizes that Vixenmon IS her Digimon Partner when her Digivice starts freaking out, and helps her defeat Devidramon.

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